Manjaro boot on two computers

I have two identical computers in every detail. It is a Lenovo Thinkcenter M58p. If I install Manjaro 21 Xfce or any Manjaro sucessfully on one of the devices, then remove the hard drive and install that drive in the second computer, Manjaro will not boot. I believe it has to the some UID stored in the distro but I am not sure. I have done the above in other distros with no problem. Any ideas?

I would say it is Grub. Probably you need to reinstall it…

If you install in BIOS mode on a msdos parted disk (with MBR) then the other computer will boot without any issue. For an UEFI system you need at least to check your firmware settings first, and if this does not help as @megavolt mentioned already, restore the grub bootloader.

Thanks to all that responded to me on my problem… This morning I mirrored my Manjaro distro to another larger hard drive. Install that hard drive in anyother computer and I worked! The first time that has occurred. I did not touch grub or anything else. Maybe good karma.