Manjaro Base depends upon AUR xz-git?

I’ve just enjoyed reading the top-posted “[Need-To-Know] About Manjaro and AUR”, and it prompted me to examine the several AUR packages that I’ve installed on top of a clean Manjaro install.

I randomly inspected xz-git to check its dependencies, and saw “base” listed among the “Required By”, which, in fact, is the core repository base comprising the “Minimal package set to define a basic Manjaro Linux installation.” I double-checked if somehow this AUR version of xz-git had replaced a core version. I see that there is a “xz” package in core, but it only shows sh as a dependency.

Is this a perfect example of the hazards that the “Need-To-Know” post was warning about?

The reason base looks to depend on xz-git is because xz-git provides xz which is the real dependency of base.


OK. I’ve just replaced xz-git (AUR) with xz (Core) and the dependencies listed have reverted properly. Should be interesting to see if anything else AUR breaks over this.

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