Manjaro at FOSDEM 2024

As we mentioned on our recent blog article, some Manjaro Team members attended FOSDEM 2024. Your donations contributed, thank you! Dank u wel!

The team working hard before the conference:

Dinner on Friday night:

@philm and I stopped by a print shop on the way to the conference and printed some flyers for the upcoming Orange Pi Neo:

We showed off a prototype at the KDE booth. That’s @phil on the left and @spikerguy is doing some magic on the right side that my camera apparently couldn’t capture. :laughing:

The prototype can be seen in the bottom right held by a random passerby playing Elden Ring.

A cropped version of the photo I took was featured in Liliputing’s article:

If you have questions about the new device, feel free to post here:


I added a couple photos of the team I forgot to add earlier.