Manjaro ARM with LXQT desktop on rpi3 isn't booting

I flashed Manjaro-ARM-lxqt-rpi3-19.04 using Etcher. The rpi3 boots to the colour screen and stays there. It looks like the card is reading and writing (a yellow light flashes intermittently within the pi casing). Any advice on getting a successful boot?

I never unxz the file first. Doh!

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I would reflash again and make sure you do a Safely Remove with the sdcard before removing it. Sounds like corruption with the data. If that does not work try another sdcard.

I hear rumours that Etcher sometimes says its burning the image and finishing, but actually is not burning it correctly, even though it says it is.

If you unpack the .xz archive you can do this command to flash it to your SD card:

sudo dd if=Manjaro-ARM-lxqt-rpi3-19.04.img of=/dev/sdX bs=4M status=progress && sync

Where sdX is the SD card device, seen with lsblk.

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@Strit we did not read his Edit. He did not untar the tarball. The last I remember Etcher will process .zip files but not .xz.

It seems he got it done reading his Edit.

It processes .xz files fine for me....

An update. Yes, etcher does process xz. I decompressed the file anyway to a plain img.
I blanked the SD card using the gnome disks utility. I used dd to write the image. It looked the same as when I used etcher on the xz file, btw. The dd ran through until sync completed. I powered down my PC before removing the SD card.
I removed my existing SD card that has my libreelec image on it from my rpi. I inserted the newly imaged Manjaro. Again, the rpi didn't boot. Not even my USB mouse lit up. I removed the disk and reinserted libreelec again. Everything booted and the mouse lit up so I know that I'm inserting the Manjaro disk correctly.

I can safely say, without obvious incompetence on my part, that Manjaro doesn't boot on my rpi3

I've done it this way but still nothing

No, it still fails

I've used dd and sync as was advised in this thread and powered down my PC before removing the SD card to prevent corruption. I've also used my old card that ran libreelec before, so I know the card is good. For the record, I've now tried to flash Manjaro on the old known card and a brand new card (which is now successfully running my backed up libreelec image). Both efforts failed with Manjaro so a SD card failure is unlikely here.

I had a friend a few months back had similar issues and messed with it for 3 days. As a last resort he installed Etcher on another linux distro on his laptop and it burned correctly. You may not have another linux distro installed on another machine but if you have one with windows install etcher on it and see if it works.

Wipe the sdcard and come back and format it with a fat32 partition before hand. Check and make sure that the fat32 partition is there and the only partition and it fills out the sdcard according to it's size. gparted is a good utility do do this with.

The controller on the sdcard can also go south and burning an image seems to go ok but will not boot or coruption in the boot area of the sdcard.

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