Manjaro-arm-tools creating a default user

Not sure if this is the correct section to post in, but I’m looking to create a default “admin” user when building an image with the arm-tool builder.

The goal is to have defaults already made that can be used to launch our installation script with no/little contact to the command line for our users.

My main thought is that this will require me to use the buildrootfs… but I’m curious what the best way to do this is.

Any help is appreciated!

Use the Manjaro ARM Installer for that.

The tools does not currently create any users.

From useradd -h you get

  -p, --password PASSWORD       encrypted password of the new account

To create the encrypted password you can use the Perl crypt() function

crypt($text, $salt)

So you can do

sudo useradd -m -p $(perl -e crypt("plaintextpassword", "salt") chosenusername

There is plenty results on the internet when you search for scripting useradd


That’s what I would assume. So I would need to utilize the buildrootfs then

Hey Strit,

Where can I find the Manjaro-Arm inital boot script? I’m looking to take a peak at this as a reference for the rootfs but I’m having trouble finding the boot script.

Thanks again.

I believe the initial setup wizard is this one:
You can find that this is the package being installed here:


This is exactly what I needed! Thank you!

Anyone have a solution to why I keep getting this error when building a minimal rpi4 image?

warning: systemd-libs-246.6-1.1 is up to date -- reinstalling
warning: python-3.8.6-1 is up to date -- reinstalling
error: target not found: pi-bluetooth
==> ERROR: Aborting...

I have the package in the pkg-cache dir… but some reason it’s not attaching… is there a way to clear everything and have it download everything again?

I also noticed that pi-bluetooth is no long in the arch arm repository… not sure if that is the issue. But i can’t build images anymore.

There should not be any package requiring pi-bluetooth to be installed; brcm-patchram-plus replaced it. Unless it is still in some build script some where. @strit could probably help more.

I agree. As far as I know, no package depends on pi-bluetooth.

So if you are up to date, running pactree -r pi-bluetooth should give no results.

results from this is: error: package 'pi-bluetooth' not found

How can I update my pactree so the pi4 build knows not to look for pi-bluetooth?
Or is this an upstream requirement that can’t be fixed on my side?

Edit: am up to date on Desktop

Ah, you are creating an image for the raspberry pi.

It looks like your profiles are out of date then.

Please run sudo getarmprofiles -f and try again.

Thank you @Strit

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