Manjaro ARM Team members



Hi all.

This topic is more like an overview of the Manjaro-ARM team members and what responsibilities they currently have. This will also be where I ask for new members to the team, if some areas are not covered enough.

Current team:

  • Strit - Project lead, repository management, image maintainer of Minimal images for rpi2, oc1 and oc2, current kernel maintainer, package maintainer of core repo, server management.
  • Dodgejcr - Co-Founder, general scripting, website management and other stuff.
  • GrayJack - Package maintainer of packages in extra repo, Image maintainer of MATE edition on rpi2.
  • Cscs - Package maintainer (which packages?)

Wanted members:

  • Package maintainers for community packages
  • Kernel maintainers
  • Image maintainers for other editions.



(I’m on hiatus until I can find [and afford] needed hardware [monitor] for the thing)


Remember seeing this, may be of no use :wink:


Hi there.

I would like to propose my help with the Manjaro-ARM distribution.

I have been using Manjaro for quite some time now with 5 PCs running it (KDE, Cinnamon and MATE) including my wife’s who says she is not going back to Windows, which is quite an achievement.

I have one RPi 2 configured as a vpn proxy (squid/openvpn) and one OrangePi (Allwinner A20 - Arm7h) for playing around. Both are currently running Archlinux-arm/LXQT and for the second one I had to configure and compile my own uboot bootloader to get it to run. I have a RPi3 B+ on order due to arrive next week. I am curious to try the Mate image o nit.

I also maintain a couple of packages on AUR (tiddlywiki, tiddlydesktop, etcetera, beaker-browser-bin and craftbukkit-spigot).

So let me know how I could help.



I wouldn’t mind some testing on new images I create, as I rarely have time to actually test if they work as they should.

New test images will always be uploaded to my Nextcloud in a publicly shared folder.
These images will be named with Manjaro-ARM-[EDITION]-[DEVICE]-[VERSION].zip.
The one there’s currently up, is a Minimal image for the raspberry pi 2 and 3.

Stuff I will be looking for to be tested:

  • Does it boot?
  • Does simple commands like ls, cd and cp work?
  • Does wired connection get active?
  • Can packages from the repo be installed/updated?

Please post findings in a seperate thread in the #manjaro-arm:bug-reports section.


Sounds good. I will do that.

PS: I also have a Nextcloud instance. So I clicked on the “add to your Nextcloud” button that appears at the top of the link you shared and it crashed my instance. I had to restore a DB backup:-(

Nexcloud federation is not quite stable yet I guess.


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