Manjaro ARM standard look&feel for minimal rootfs

I’m testing Manjaro ARM on my phone running in chroot using the Linux Deploy and VNC to large screen for display. I prepared the rootfs for installation in LD from the provided Manjaro ARM minimal rootfs. I’m really impressed of how well it performs on the Snapdragon 870 based phone. I would like to use it as my daily office driver, because it feels more responsive for this kind of usage than my couple of years old office laptop.

But what I really miss is the Manjaro ARM standard look&feel I can see on the screenshots from the prebuild images for supported devices.

Could someone give me an idea on how to replace the default ugly XFCE look&feel with the one available in Manjaro ARM prebuild images? I only found the way on how to install the Manjaro ARM backgrounds. But what about the rest? The panel, theme, fonts, icons, …

Thx in advance.

Reply to myself. Maybe will help to somebody else.

sudo pacman -S manjaro-arm-wallpapers
sudo pacman -S xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin    # and add it to panel instead of Applications Menu
sudo pacman -S matcha-gtk-theme
sudo pacman -S papirus-maia-icon-theme
sudo pacman -S noto-fonts                  # and select the Noto Sans Regular font

As you used a rootfs, that had no GUI by default, it would not have any Look & Feel customization done to it. It would simply not make any sense, since it could be used to set up any GUI.

But yeah, the packages you list in the Solution post, is just about right. :slight_smile:

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