Manjaro ARM rpi4 headless setup

I tried to connect to rpi4 via ssh (on the first setup) 'cause I have no keyboard. I connected to router via LAN, but router doesn't see it (only orange LED lights). Is it possible to setup Pi without keyboard at all?

I set mine up entirely with ssh.. without any keyboard at all. I made a post about how to.. Maybe it'll help:

I installed Raspbian headless already, but Manjaro can't see LAN connection. The image is correct, I think, and I can see first steps of installation when connected via HDMI to TV, but when connect to router only orange LED lights.

If that's the case, I think you should look into your router settings. Maybe give it a static IP from your router?

You could try to identify your connected devices by installing the arp-scan package.

sudo arp-scan -l

If you don't see any rpi connected, something else may be wrong.

Maybe problem with Manjaro 19.12. because I tried 19.10 and all worked out.

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