Manjaro-ARM relaunch



Wow, this is cool! I’m definitely going to try this out on my raspberry pi 2


I could get a new pcDuino 3 core for € 9.90 at this moment.
But I really don’t know what to do with it and it looks so unready to use. It looks like I would need to solder everything on it.


Yeah, seems like it’s just a print with a chip on it. No outputs or anything.


have an Rpi3b for testing images. and in future an Librem 5 ^^
oh and is it possible to make an plasma5 minimal or plama mobile version?


I had a Plasma 5 version of the old Manjaro-ARM. So that should be possible.

Plasma Mobile, not so much.


Hi Strit,

I have a beaglebone black, some rpis, some rpi zeros. I can maintain, build, and test images. Point me to the necessary info to get oriented and I’d love to support this project.


Figure I’d give a bit of an update. I have manjaro up and running on my pi3. It took me a little bit. I just happened to stumble into Discord shortly after someone else asked about the graphics driver as I really did not think of it not being installed already which let me boot to gui after that. I am using LXDE currently and am running right around 105mb ram on the desktop with wifi. I havent used it for much but a little bit of web browsing and messing around. If there is something I could test to help out let me know.


when i first stumbled across manjaro, i was actually looking for an arm version for my rp3,
but when i read more and more on the forums i bought a cheap Lenovo T420 a 120gb ssd and a 1tb sshd, and i got manjaro in the end,
but super pleased to see the project up and running again,great work guys


I’m late for the party, but well done guys, looking forward to buy a rpi3.


Hello Guys ! Are the testers / developers with BeagleBone Black still needed ? I have one and in my spare time I can test or try to develop (no big experience but more willingness to learn)

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