Manjaro-ARM relaunch



Wow, this is cool! I’m definitely going to try this out on my raspberry pi 2


I could get a new pcDuino 3 core for € 9.90 at this moment.
But I really don’t know what to do with it and it looks so unready to use. It looks like I would need to solder everything on it.


Yeah, seems like it’s just a print with a chip on it. No outputs or anything.


have an Rpi3b for testing images. and in future an Librem 5 ^^
oh and is it possible to make an plasma5 minimal or plama mobile version?


I had a Plasma 5 version of the old Manjaro-ARM. So that should be possible.

Plasma Mobile, not so much.


Hi Strit,

I have a beaglebone black, some rpis, some rpi zeros. I can maintain, build, and test images. Point me to the necessary info to get oriented and I’d love to support this project.


Figure I’d give a bit of an update. I have manjaro up and running on my pi3. It took me a little bit. I just happened to stumble into Discord shortly after someone else asked about the graphics driver as I really did not think of it not being installed already which let me boot to gui after that. I am using LXDE currently and am running right around 105mb ram on the desktop with wifi. I havent used it for much but a little bit of web browsing and messing around. If there is something I could test to help out let me know.