Manjaro ARM Preview1 for Raspberry Pi 4!

Awesome. I will have to try it out!

So do you have a patch against the current 4.19 branch dts I can apply?

Added this to my /boot/cmdline.txt file and removed the 1 GB limit stuff.
Still just got rainbow screen, but the device blinks as though it is booted.
Removing the swiotlb stuff gets the screen back, but results in an sdhci call trace for me.

Heya Strit

Will there be a refresh of the available image with the enhancements to allow it to work with all the power of the new Pi released soon? (Eg: Recognition of 4gb Ram and full 64bit) just wondering...Also, if there is a possibility, I'd love a version with the XFCE4 DTE as standard. This would be great as the new Pi has the power and memory for it and would be really good looking and professional:-)

When it is properly implemented in upstream, very likely.

Me too ...

You guys should go vote then, so we know how many are interested in this. :slight_smile:


Just voted XFCE4 on the vote.....thanks for the reply:-) I don't know why, but the standard Pi OS in my humble opinion is very lackluster and poorly implemented, the Manjaro Versions always seem to have that extra polish and pannazz. :slight_smile:

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Can we expect this in Kernel 5.3?

RPI4 support will not be in 5.3. It might be in 5.4, patches have been submitted by some people for basic support, but nothing is certain at this point. If the support on their own 64-bit kernel is lackluster, there is no idea in upstreaming it yet.

It could take a while before RPi4 support is upstreamed, as the kernel simply doesn't have support for this kind of DMA architecture, except for PCI devices - even though Device Tree and ACPI both support declaring DMA address limits, they are ignored by the kernel. The way 64-bit support was brought up in the Raspbian kernel is not upstreamable, as it simply hardcodes a 1GB address limit for all DMA operations on all architectures.

All of this was never noticed on ARM32, as the default memory mapping configuration on ARM32 coincidentally maps kernel space to the same physical address range that the Pi 4 can address.

BTW, an implementation of uboot for the RPi4 is now available:
EDK2 is also being worked on.

My ideal Pi4 distro would be Manjaro ARM, XFCE4 DTE with the full office suite and all the usual bells and whistles. Full RAM availability and an easy .img file to extract to Micro-SD. Additional items for the "nice to haves" list would be a login window, a first time setup install process, maybe full wallpaper selection too :slight_smile: KDE is just too power-hungry, LXQT is, in my humble opinion, just a tad too unused in the majority of distros.

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This is something we are working on.
Full RAM availability depends on upstream getting it to work first. :slight_smile: But the rest is something we actually already have. :slight_smile:

Anyone tried booting from USB? Stick, or external SSD?

USB boot is not supported yet, according to the Raspberry Pi people.

Not even with a boot.cfg tweak like on the rpi3?

Nope. Bootloader in the rpi4 does not support it yet.

Heya guys, go download the XFCE4 Preview for the Pi:-) it's really well made and works right off the download and has a comprehensive setup system for first install:-) Manjaro ARM Preview2 for Raspberry Pi 4!

New to Raspberry Pi. Thank you for all who are working on this project. I used etcher to write the minimal image to an sd card, and it boots fine. I can not do a pacman -Syyu, as it says the host can't be resolved. I am able to ping however I can not ping, I get the error "ping: Name or service not known"

Is there something that I need to enable for DNS lookups? Other devices that I connect to the same network are able to access DNS right out of the box.

Thanks again,

Yeah. We have a DNS conflict happening in some of our images between 19.06 release and now, so you need to disable systemd-resolved.

This can be done with:

sudo systemctl disable systemd-resolved

And then reboot. That should make DNS work.

Solved. Thank you.

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