Manjaro-arm phosh: Difference between current beta with all upgrades and the next beta

Is it a bad assumption that each new beta is the equivalent of the previous with all of the updates in between applied?

If I understand the question, I believe the answer is yes, because the distribution is a rolling release. If you could provide an example (i.e, link) of “each new beta”, the anwer could be more definitive.

This webpage might help some: Manjaro - Fresh & Stable

Also, always read the Announcments, at least the first entry, usually by @philm, in this forum.

What “beta”?

The only things labeled beta in Manjaro are installer images, and they go through a testing procedure that involves a beta stage and possible a release candidate. However, the software on the install image is always at the latest level — the beta aspect refers to the format of the installer ISO only, i.e. what will be included and what not, which options to set as default, and so on.

Sorry. I realize after I posted that I supplied ZERO information about the version. I was referring to manjaro-arm phosh. I move back to phosh after too much flakiness with Mobian and manjaro-arm Plasma. I am on 23 Beta so when 24 beta is released do I need to install the beta or will keeping current with the updates suffice?

Ah: title adjusted

I’ve no idea about manjaro-arm phosh :man_shrugging:

As long as you keep updating you should keep getting the new version for all releases of Manjaro. Arm versions included.