MANJARO Arm , No First Boot

Hello all,

I’m trying to do a fresh install of Manjaro Arm on a raspberry pi 4. However, when I boot up I get a screen saying a program is trying to make changes and requires authentication. My previous password doesn’t work and the default password does not work. After three attempts it goes to the desktop. Any help would be appreciated.

How did you do a fresh install and with what image version?

This not making much sense to me using a fresh install.

I used the SD card format program from the SD association website. Downloaded the 20.08 xde plasma from MANJARO. Then used Etcher to flash the file onto the SD card.

I downloaded the 21.06 image (assuming that is what you mean’t) and I see what you are talking about now. It is bypassing the Setup where you add users and such and trying to boot plazma with out a user set up.

New images will be built later on today and you will be notified when they are ready for download here in this thread.

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I have now rebuilt all the Raspberry Pi images and added them to the website and rpi-imager software.

It’s still version 21.06, so just redownload the one you want.

Since we changed some functionality in our tooling since the original 21.06 release, these new images function a little differently.
On GUI systems, it will autologin to the desktop on first boot and autostart a new graphical OEM setup tool.

Hope this helps.


Just to add to @Strit post. I just tested the latest plasma image and you will have to wait @1m watching the spinning circle while it set’s it’s self up to boot into the DE and the Setup GUI will appear on the Desktop…

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Yes, sorry that was the image.

@Darksky @Strit Thank you both. I spent better part of last night trying to figure out what I had done. I started to think I was crazy. Really appreciate the help and quick fix!

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the new installer is nice, just installed xfce4 desktop to check it out.

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I like it also. @Strit did a great job with it.