Manjaro ARM needs a set of equivalent Technical Issues categories

I believe there's a need for some additional categories for Manjaro ARM. At present people are posting about ARM issues in the general Manjaro Technical Issues categories and not tagging them as such. Therefore they may get missed by the ARM maintainers and also answered with advice that won't necessarily work on ARM platform by other manjaro users trying to help out.


Hm. Well. Theres a few ways to do this..

  • Manjaro Forum > Technical Issues and Assistance > ARM

  • Manjaro Forum > ARM > Technical Issues and Assistance

  • Manjaro Forum > ARM > Technical Issues and Assistance > All subcategories
    (A duplicate of the current categories but for arm. This seems unnecessary)

Preference? Or do you have something else in mind ?

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The second option if it's easiest but do the @Maintainers have a preference?

We can do the second option. :slight_smile:

The third option is not possible, since ARM is a category and technical issues and assistance would be a subcategory. And you can only have 1 level of subcategories on Discourse.


Made this now. :slight_smile:


Great, if I spot anything else that needs moving I'll use it in future :smiley:

CTRL+F5 was needed to reload the categories but first one from last night which prompted this thread re-categorised:

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As this has the same name as the previously existing category, it breaks referencing in posts via #technical-issues-and-assistance.

Not sure I understand what you mean. The reference of #manjaro-arm:technical-issues-and-assistance should work.

The previously existing category could be referenced by typing #technical-issues-and-assistance. This does not work anymore.
There is even a popup while typing which now shows both categories, but selecting an entry of that popup won't work either.

edit: Oh it seems it's working in final post - only the post preview was affected. Nevermind then.

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CTRL+F5 helped sort it at my end. The new category didn't show up at all initially.

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I had no problem getting the new category to show up - it's the second one in that autocompleter popup in my screenshot.
Clearing browser caches and complete site reloading was amongst my first actions before posting about it.
The preview is affected even now when I try to edit that post I made. It doesn't show the linkification but only plain text:

But that seems to be a forum software weakness/problem/issue.

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