Manjaro-ARM mysql / mariadb install...

Hi all,

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 (4Gb RAM) with Manjaro-Arm installed and it's flying! :wink:

For a Neos CMS project, I have to install a LAMP server.
So went with Apache, Mariadb and PHP / PhpMyAdmin before installing Neos.
All went fine but on Neos setup, I ran into a Database error. After checking, there is a bug when using mariadb 10.4. Advice is to downgrade to 10.3.
I am unable to find the package even in AUR, not for ARM anyway.
My question is:
Can I find that package elsewhere (or maybe I didn't look right)?
If not, I can install mysql instead. Found it in AUR but I'm not familiar with it and I wonder if there are any differences with the regular repositories in terms of dependencies, install tips,...

Last option is to try another distro...

Thanks for your time and help.

There is a downgrader program AUR that claims to work with ARM repos.
install it then run "sudo downgrader mariadb".

Hi Robin0800,

Thanks for your answer. I tried to build Downgrader but it says it doesn't work with 'aarch64'.
When I check the script, the arch supported are only i686 and x86_64...
I'm gonna send an email to the author to see.
I'll report back.

You could try adding aarch64 to the arch=() array and see if it still builds there.

Hi Strit,
Wasn't sure I could do that... Well, I did and it worked :wink:
Now when I try to use downgrader, it says that the mariadb 10.3 package (downloaded from ALA) doesn't have a valid architecture either (x86_64)...
Kinda stuck there now...

Yeah, that's because the downgrader package is made for Arch repo's. It does not check any Manjaro ARM repo's at all. So unless you have 10.3 in your package cache, you might aswell hunt down a mirror archive that has 10.3 in it from Arch Linux ARM.

Try building it from the PKGBUILD in here:

It might work.

K, that's what I'm trying to find...
Will post link here if I find it.
Thanks Strit

Historical archive. You will need at least the same versions of these and possibly may have to download something else. Be advised there are 32 and 64 bit packages here:


Thanks for your answer, Darksky (Could I have found it by myself?).
Will try that.
P.S : there is a fix for Neos with mariadb 10.4 but not merged yet and I'm trying to use it but no success yet.

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