Manjaro ARM = mobile OS


Can Manjaro ARM act as a mobile OS for rooted android devices as a ROM replacement? Also where does one download manjaro arm and manjaro32? I don’t see them on the download page.


We don’t support any Phone devices at this time. So no, not possible right now.

You could follow the links in the forum posts.

At least for Manjaro ARM, they are here.



Thanks for the links to the phone threads I’ll check them out. Aside from that I wanted to ask why not add those flavors of Manjaro to the main download page?


Thanks again for showing those threads. I was blind to something @jonathon said in one of them. I forgot that the architecture of phones would be a big road block. It’s a shame because one of the big pluses that a Manjaro mobile OS could have over android OS is privacy.


The team is working on a way to present the ARM downloads correctly on the new Website.
Until that is in order, you can visit for download links.

But, remember. Manjaro ARM’s goal is not to be run on phones/mobile devices.

The goal and purpose is SBC’s.


Oh ok. Are they working on figuring out how to present manjaro 32 as well?