Manjaro-Arm Jade (webdad) spin?



I’ve been watching jade for a while and although its alpha/beta(seems to work for me) it feels very intuitive and small screen friendly. I can picture it being a go to for tablets and TVs. which suits our SBCs pretty neatly.


The SBC’s we support is not actually meant as Tablet/TV devices.

But yeah, I’ve been watching the Jade Desktop aswell, and have considered trying to get an edition going.
And since it’s Python it should run anywhere.


Ram might be an issue with my setup, also the UI is not tested in tiny screens.


I am trying to see how “minimal” I can make a Jade desktop be. :slight_smile:


I don’t know, a pi3 is pretty impressive. If xfce and lxde/qt can run reasonably… I do think the ui would fit well in may applications. it just feels so fluid. I expect you have already considered a touch interface


cairo dock, can be replaced, by tint2, maybe xfce window manager instead, applets can also be disabled, but we kinda need them for things like wifi and sound.

@f15h I did start rewriting the code to be more ram efficient, but that was never finished.


tint2 and openbox even? something like a archbang/jade hybrid. I haven’t tried this, but would jade interfere with openbox pipemenus?


I have no idea, am not an openbox user. :man_shrugging: