manjaro-arm-installer to eMMC

I succesfully wrote an Pinebook Pro image to an SD with the manjaro-arm-installer from my (Intel-based) laptop with manjaro running on it. Booting my pinebook pro from the SD-card is without issue.... and I love it! <3
I want to write an image to the eMMC. Has anyone succeeded in that?

My main idea is to do the same thing from the PinebookPro running manjaro-arm of the SD-card. But...

1/ The manjaro-arm-installer is not available from the repo's? Reading it seems it should be possible? The manual way is not a technical issue, but I fail to find the 'binfmt-qemu-static' dependency. Running the installer complains about a missing .conf-file (don't recall exact name...) that seems to be related to that.

2/ On the gitlab-page, it is also mentioned to have an empty eMMC card. What is the best way to achieve that?

In other words, any guide out there?

I've not used manjaro-arm-installer, but I have installed Manjaro to the eMMC of my Pinebook Pro.

I've used the eMMC installer images from the 19.12 release found here. Simply dd that file (after decompressing of course) to and SD card, put it in the PBP and turn it on.

It will "get stuck" on the boot splash, but that's just the image masking the TUI installer. Just press escape after like a minute or so, and you will have an easy-to-follow installer. Worked fine for me, have been booting Manjaro from the eMMC since late last week without problems.

Your eMMC does not need to be empty for this procedure to work. Mine had a Debian install on it previously.


The Manjaro ARM Installer script, is not meant to be used from an ARM based devices, but from a Linux x86 desktop PC.

The quickest way to get Manjaro ARM on the eMMC of the Pinebook Pro, is the way @wvdschel mentioned above, with the eMMC installer images.

Thank you! Using those images worked flawlessly.

I used the manjaro installer script to create an i3 version. It works like a charm from the sdcard, but I would like to install it on the eMMc. Is there a guide/wiki somewhere in how to do that?

Yes. Put the eMMC card in question into a USB adapter and plug it into your laptop.

Then proceed as you would with an SD card.

Thanks! Can I avoid to take out the eMMC card from the PBP and dd from the i3 manjaro sd directly into the eMMC?

I guess I might not be able to dd the actual micro sd I will be running manjaro i3 from, but I could copy and paste the img on the sd :slight_smile:

I apologies if it is a bit of a silly question, but I don't really know how the boot process works, and I don't want to screw it up :smiley:

Well, you can do a DD from the SD to the eMMC, you just need to be certain than the eMMC is larger than your SD card.

I flashed it yesterday, and after the second attempt, all went good.

At first, I wasn't sure which drive to choose. The installer lists 4 partitions, 2 from the Pinebook and 2 from the SD card. I think there's a mistake and the installer wrongly lists the SD card partitions. On my first attempt, I chose the second partition of the SD card, so I had to reflash it with installer and try again. In the end, the correct one was /dev/mmcblk2.

It's not really a mistake. The installer just lists all the disks (it should not list partitions) on the system. It's up to the user to know what disk the system should be installed on.

I mention again. The Manjaro ARM Installer is not meant as a way to install Manjaro ARM from the SD card to the eMMC card. There are special images for that.
The Manjaro ARM Installer is meant to be used to install Manjaro ARM from a Linux x64 machine onto a disk (being an SD card, eMMC card or USB) that then should be plugged into the device in question.

I mention again. The Manjaro ARM Installer is not meant as a way to install Manjaro ARM from the SD card to the eMMC card. There are special images for that.

Fair enough but some love i3 :smiley:

Great news then. I believe that @oberon will be making updated i3 profile for FOSDEM2020.
So we might get a new i3 image for the Pinebook Pro soon.

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Hi @Strict @oberon do you have any update on a possible i3 image please?

I'm at it. Will publish a new version these days - stay tuned! :sunglasses:


Yes.. you can have the image in the running SD card and just dd this image file to the eemc card

@oberon sorry to bother, I have been checking the pbp/i3 folder with trepidation. How is it going please?

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