Manjaro Arm Installer Cache

Thanks to Strit for the Manjaro Arm Installer script.

I haven't tried it yet because bandwidth is an issue where I am - I have to download at night for large volumes.


Q1/ Does the script cache what it downloads? In other words, if my dog eats my SD card, will I have to download everything again?

Q2/ The script has more offerings than the Manjaro download area Example: The Rock 64 is not in the download area but it is supported by the script. Do you agree that this wider offering should be pointed out prominently in Manjaro's Arm Download pages? Because I could not see Rock 64 , I ended up downloading overnight the RockPi4 by mistake.

Q3/ If there is no caching and none is planned, how about allowing the script to make use of images that might already be downloaded? Is there any advantage to doing this apart from for me - I could make use of the script in the morning (after mage download) and would not need to wait until 1AM to run it.

No there is no cache. And will have to download it again.

The rest of the question can only be answered by @Strit.

We do mention the Manjaro ARM Installer in our release posts each time.
The images on the webpage are pretty clearly marked for each device. :slight_smile:

This is not what the installer is for. The installer is for making an image directly on the SD card.

If you want to make an image, that you can use later, you can install Manjaro ARM Tools and create an image for later use with:
sudo buildarmoem -d rock64 -e kde-plasma
(for Plasma edition for Rock64)

Many thanks to both for the replies

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