Manjaro arm install failed

I've also tried the raspbian os with the same thing again

Hmm if neither RaspbianOS nor Manjaro ARM is working, it sounds like it's either and issue with your RPi4, process of getting the ISO onto the SD card, or process of booting it with the SD card. idk which would be the case here.

Okay, so the issue is not the OS.

I know some people have issues with certain monitors, because not all monitors give out an EDID. Have you tried another monitor?

Hello no I haven't tried that yet but I'll try that and let you know the results! Thanks!

Thank you for the suggestions! I tried my old monitor and it worked! I tried raspbian and I got to a point where I could start the install so now I'm going to try the same thing again with the Manjaro arm install and see if this works as well! I never thought that a monitor would be this much trouble!

This means is not supporting your HDMI screen you tried before. After you try manjaro with the old monitor try it again with the new monitor but change the resolution to something which is supported by RPI.

Ok I'll do that. What is the best way to start and shutdown the pi4 I don't have a on off switch on the case or the power supply like some I've seen?

To power off type this command in terminal
sudo shutdown now

For power on you just need to connect the power and it will power n the device.

I plugged it in and it didn't power on like I thought it would!

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