Manjaro ARM i3 edition for the pinebook available

We are happy to announce that a first basic i3-edition is now available for the Pinebook.

NOTE: Screen backlight can be adjusted with keybindings mod+o and mod+p :wink:
Thank you for your testing and any feedback!

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Well of course, one wallpaper can’t be enough! :sunglasses:
I have just added package artwork-i3 with some additional ones to the manjaro-arm repo.


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We could get it automatically from the Manjaro repo, since it’s an any package. That way it’s always the same version as the one in Manjaro. So you don’t have to update and upload twice.

For now as I just saw, the arm version needs to have dependency default-i3-artwork removed…
I will let you know which packages we can simply inherit from regular repos, thank you!

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