Manjaro ARM for Pinebook (preview3)



Yes, runs.

burn sd with etcher.

Resize fs on sd.

Update and customize from sd.

Make a dd from sd to emmc.

Reboot without ssd and runs on emmc.

Resize fs on emmc.


Wow, great work everyone! I hope that Manjaro LXQT becomes the go-to distro on the Pinebook (if it has not already got that distinction).

Once Manjaro is no longer in a “preview” (cough cough alpha-quality) state, and matures to be nice and stable-feeling, I would love to see Pinebooks with Manjaro preinstalled on an eMMC for sale, right from the front page of the Manjaro website, (alongside the Bladebooks, etc.). This means customers not waiting in those long queues (reserving a future opportunity to buy one over email) @PINE64.

PS: I’m inspired that someone from Pine64 even posts directly on this thread!


In the latest DW review it was mentioned that linux419 seems not to support audio yet. Is it a known issue?


Mainline 419 does not, but the linux-pine64 kernel I use does support Audio on the pinebook.


@PINE64, If you want to attract hardcore Linux geeks who enjoy getting their hands dirty with an Alpha-quality desktop experience, then you would do well to avoid violating their deep-seated expectations with that 3rd class citizen “pipe” key (as the “|” is crucially important on the Unix command line). Please make that key into a sane key in your next hardware revision.
I would never personally buy a Pinebook until this is addressed. I personally have 4 remote Linux servers which I administer over SSH, and that “|” key would drive me bananas in like 30 seconds flat.


The pipe key is right next to the left shift on my Pinebook…


Thanks, @Strit.

Oops, I was complaining about the other pipe key in the upper right corner:

I didn’t think to look on the left side of the keyboard, because 1) why would there be two pipe keys? and 2) why would there be a pipe key on the left side of the keyboard? :wink:

Maybe I should revise my complaint a bit and ask, “Couldn’t that Tab key be shrunk a bit, then the pipe key could fit above Enter, and below Backspace?”. You know, because that’s where my finger wants to find it.

While I’m at it, that Right Ctrl key and the question mark key could also be shrunk a bit to allow the arrow keys more breathing room. They look like they’re suffocating. I use the arrow keys way, way more than the right control key on the command line, to recall past commands quickly in the bash shell.


Greetings, everybody! Wishing you a prosperous new year!

I managed to install the PineBook64-LXQT desktop to the eMMC. My major issue is currently Wi-Fi related.

From latest download image shipping (“Manjaro ARM 18.12.1”), Wi-Fi kind of works. However, from the latest “OTA” update over the weekend (around 2019 new year’s), I can’t connect to any Wi-Fi anymore. Driver in use seems to be " rtl8723cs " and the kernel was updated as well.

Further, I haven’t got a USB-Ethernet dongle to test otherwise. BTW, if you could point me to a generic USB-Ethernet dongle to purchase as alternative, would happily do so.

Looking forward to your comments, thank you.


Does the Wifi show up in the NM-Tray?

Only thing that could remotely relate to the “OTA” update (as you call it) is the kernel, and I know that works, because I generate many images each day with that kernel.


To have the pipe key next to the left shift is common on most European keyboard layouts. Pinebook tries to emulate as many keyboard layouts as it can. So it is more like the British layout really.


Hey @Esbeeb, we’ve heard you :wink: Future Pinebook revisions as well as other devices with keyboards that we are working on will likely see a different keyboard layout … alongside improvements to the trackpad.


JFYI no coupon recieved.


Please email – they should be able to help you out.



I email them 12days ago as i resgistered mid November last year and still no news (to my mail too) :cry:

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