Manjaro ARM for Pinebook (preview3)



Until 4.20 kernel, you shouldn’t take any OS image - from any project - as final anyways :slight_smile: So I say, go ahead and install :slight_smile:


I probably won’t do another preview image, so the next image will be the next release of Manjaro ARM, which will probably by 18.12 in December.


I was mainly looking for the auto-resize feature on the eMMC, but maybe I’ll just run off the new SD for a while (Amazon had a sale on a nice 128GB that I couldn’t refuse).

I’ll continue with the KDE version so I can compare apples to apples (I still have Netrunner on the eMMC).


The resize script still works, just not automatically on first boot.
Once logged in, just run sudo resize-fs. After the reboot it should have resized the filesystem to fill the card.


Awesome, thank you! Bye-bye, Netrunner. You don’t seem to be paying any attention to the Pinebook anymore anyway.

@Strit, do you do your work in a repo somewhere where we could see a changelog? That way, I could apply configuration changes like those being recommended here, and “roll” without having to reinstall. :slight_smile:


Well kind of. I have 3 repo’s where this work goes into.

Manjaro ARM Tools (the tools I use to create images and packages)
Profiles (for what packages to install and other customizations)
Packages (the PKGBUILD’s for all the packages we maintain, that is not present in Arch Linux ARM repos)

So for getting an “old” image up to speed with a newer one, i would dig through the profiles one, device AND edition wise. :slight_smile:


A little bit off topic, but has anyone had any luck obtaining a code from the Pine webshop to be able to order a Pinebook? I submitted my email address over a week ago, but heard nothing back yet.


Edit: If somebody can indicate what exactly to buy to have a “complete” pinebook?


I just ordered the Pinebook itself and chose the correct power adapter for my country in the dropdown menu.
That will give you a pinebook, power adapter and a mounted 16GB eMMC card with KDE Neon on it that boots into an OEM type installer.

Regarding the code from Pine webshop.
I can’t remember how long it took for my code to arrive, but they do wait until they have enough for a production I think.
Am I correct here, @PINE64?


I am using the Pinebook 1080 so I guess sound should work.
When I start a you tube video I can see the PulseAudio mixer in that sound is processed as the bar is is moving, I just cant hear anything.

I tried headphones as well, but no sound.

I get this in dmsg, but don’t know if related.

5.176200] ALSA device list:
[    5.179224]   No soundcards found.

Is there a way to test this?


I am using preview3 on a Pinebook 1080 and on battery wifi is a bit on and off.

When the Wifi is going on and off I get a long chain of this messages in my journal.
Does that help in any way to see what might be my problem ?
Is there something else I could test ?

16.341591] RTL871X: rtw_set_802_11_connect(wlan0)  fw_state=0x00000008
[   16.432955] RTL871X: start auth
[   16.436146] RTL871X: auth success, start assoc
[   16.441497] RTL871X: rtw_cfg80211_indicate_connect(wlan0) BSS not found !!
[   16.441519] RTL871X: assoc success
[   16.443197] RTL871X: recv eapol packet
[   16.444118] RTL871X: send eapol packet
[   16.452181] RTL871X: recv eapol packet
[   16.452722] RTL871X: send eapol packet
[   16.453105] RTL871X: set pairwise key camid:4, addr:bc:30:d9:83:93:ce, kid:0, type:AES
[   16.453630] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): wlan0: link becomes ready
[   16.453891] RTL871X: set group key camid:5, addr:bc:30:d9:83:93:ce, kid:1, type:AES
[18404.930590] RTL871X: linked_status_chk(wlan0) disconnect or roaming

Apart from that the preview3 works really well :slight_smile:


Did you check in alsamixer that the channel named: AIF1 Slot 0 Digital DAC on the sunxi device is not muted?
My script should have unmuted it though…

EDIT: I just burned/flashed lxqt preview3 to my SD card, transferred a video to it. Booted it on the Pinebook, logged in, started the video with mpv/baka player and it has sound in the speakers.
Maybe you haven’t set up Firefox to use the correct device?


@Strit is correct, it will take some time for your BTO coupon order to arrive. I personally do not know what the exact order volume is these days (this dictates how long BTO takes), but due to the overwhelmingly positive reviews and reception in general, I expect that the queue is quite long at the moment. I’m guessing you’ll have your BTO coupon sometime in late Jan 2019.




What is that pls?


Great; thanks! I spent some time yesterday setting it up. I decided instead of using the 16GB eMMC, that I’d just use the 128GB SD card that I have, and format the eMMC for data, and symlink home directory stuff there. That way, I can safely blow away the installation on the SD card and keep my data intact.

First issue: I cannot change the time zone from Copenhagen, Denmark to my time zone (America/New York). Neither the Manjaro Tools nor the Plasma 5 system settings module will do it. Has anybody else seen this?


I waited about six months, and then finally emailed Once I did that, I got a coupon within a couple weeks. I think sometimes the requests from the website get lost.


I am not going to wait that long and also cope with the limited warranty. Too bad.


@MarcusE1W also had this issue. The OS is set to get sync time when online.

Do you get any errors?
Did you reboot/relog after changing?
Did you try through command line?

I have done nothing that should prohibit changing timezones. I haven’t even generated locales.


Do you get any errors?

Can’t remember which utility, but one of them (either the Manjaro one or the Plasma one) reported that it couldn’t change the timezone.

Did you reboot/relog after changing?

Yes. It was always set back to Copenhagen.

Did you try through command line?

That works. I’m just reporting difficulty with the graphical utilities. Once set at the command line, it’s picked up by the graphical utilities. Maybe we’re discovering a bug? On a regular Manjaro install, I set the timezone in the installer and then never have to touch it.

This rocks, though. I have the memory widget enabled, and it cold boots to only 377MB before opening any programs, and that’s using the full Plasma 5 desktop. It’s much snappier than Netrunner was.

One other issue I’ve noticed: last night, I shut the machine down after configuring it and then put it on the charger. When I picked it up today, it was on, and at the SDDM login screen. I’ll have to see if that continues.


Which is where the difference is.
The Manjaro installer executes the command in the background.
The Manjaro ARM image does not have an installer, so it is set until someone changes it.

Why the graphical ones does not work, I don’t know. I will have to dig through that. It won’t be a Pinebook bug though, but more an lxqt/kde bug.