Manjaro-ARM for Cosmo Communicator?

Planet Computer is soon releasing the Cosmo Communicator, which will almost certainly run Debian-ARM, as their Gemini does. Will there also be Manjaro-ARM support? It features:

Chipset Mediatek P70 (8-Core)
CPU 4x Cortex A73 @2.0GHz
4x Cortex A53 @2.0GHz
GPU ARM Mali G72 MP3 @800MHz
APU Dual-core mobile AI processors

and 6 GiB of core.

I know Arch will probably support it, but I have no idea how to get a working desktop set-up from Arch, and it gives me the shakes just to think about it.

If Arch Linux ARM decides to support this device, making Manjaro support it should be easy enough.

It looks like a pretty decent device. :slight_smile:

It does seem to function a lot like a phone, so that would probably require lots of very specific drivers.

Which Debian supports. That's what puzzled me when I got my Gemini: supported by Debian, but no Arch or Manjaro release.

Debian has a huge team and they do lots of work on ARM devices in general. So it's no surprise to me that they support a device like this, and create/maintain drivers for it in the Debian eco system.

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