Manjaro Arm Flasher no Target Block Device

I’m trying to install Manjaro onto the EMMC in a pinebook pro that originally shipped with debian. I verified thedownloaded image, burned it to a microsd, set up the live environment, updated the live environment all with no issues. When I went to use the flasher the target block device drop down field is empty.

Any idea what went wrong? Up to the point where I had to select target block device everything worked just like I had read in available instructions.


A partition of the eMMC is mounted.

The Flasher tool only shows drives where no partition is mounted, to keep one from flashing over the currently running drive.

So make sure that your eMMC does not have a mounted partition anywhere with lsblk.

Unmount whatever is mounted and start the flasher tool again.

All I see when I do lsblk is the sd card with the live image on it.

mmcblk1 179:0 0 117.8G 0 disk
├─mmcblk1p1 179:1 0 213.6M 0 part /boot
└─mmcblk1p2 179:2 0 117.5G 0 part /
zram0 251:0 0 5.6G 0 disk [SWAP]

Belay my last I used fdisk -l and saw that mmcblk2 was still mounted, unmounted it and everything is now flashing to emmc.

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