Manjaro-arm-flasher 0-10.1 sets up wrong keyboard mapping for Gnome

Flasher successfully downloads and writes Gnome to the target drive. When first running the new build the setup utility is run. The default keyboard presented is English US and that is selected. However, the system then has a keyboard mapping of English UK. Using Microsoft Wired Keyboard 200, no problems on any other build or system.

Easy enough to fix once diagnosed, but users shouldn’t have to bother with this. Tough to diagnose when passwords fail because the entries are masked and some keys are mapped to symbols that don’t match the key labels.

Problem present in currently used 22.10 version, was also present in the previous two releases.

Issue logged with GitLab repo for manjaro-arm-flasher. Here’s some additional text that is necessary to have the post accepted, since I’ve added the same note to another thread.

The manjaro-arm-flasher developer thinks the wrong keyboard mapping is a Calamaris problem. He has closed the thread on this. I still claim this is an issue that should be fixed, but I’m not taking it any further.

It is not a Manjaro ARM Flasher issue, as the flashing tool only flashes the image, it does not change the image at all.

Right. I only targeted manjaro-arm-flasher as the problem source because on first boot the configuration settings are accomplished via a panel titled “Manjaro arm flasher setup.” I accept that the flasher app is not doing the setup. I will live with the problem, now that I know what the problem is and how to correct it.

Not correct.

On GUI editions the setup is Calamares, likely with a title called “Manjaro ARM Linux Setup Program”.

On the CLI only editions, we have a setup script, just called “Finish Manjaro ARM Install”.

I stand corrected. The panel title is “Manjaro ARM Installer Setup,” or something close to that with no mention of flasher. manjaro-arm-flasher has nothing to do with the wrong keyboard mapping.

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