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Nice review of Manjaro ARM on a Raspberry Pi 4 featured in this video, along with some other operating system choices. It's not an in depth review but is favourable:


Very nice. Thanks for sharing!


Great work Manjaro ARM Team !!!! :+1:

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very nice. I didnt realize you had fully ran with my matcha stuff there.
I still need to stress ( I know .. I have said it elsewhere ) .. that that old packaging needs to be updated.
I have since switched everything to 'matchama' and also have made updates since (aug was was the last of that old?) .. this really needs to be handled somehow.

[also hah 'sequencing DNA' ... I mean .. I dont like splash screens .. but it seemed a tasteful way ... if anyone has other Ideas I am open]

We use the packages Manjaro x64 provides. :stuck_out_tongue:

We ran with Matcha, because we got the feeling/hint that Manjaro x64 was gonna be using it as default theme. But seems we where mislead on this...

I think phil got cold feet about it ... not sure why .. I worked to fix every issue ... which largely seemed to be app-specific and not from the theme .. but also .. if changes arent tracked it wont matter :woman_shrugging:

[it is obvious now at this point though that breath is breaking down .. so something will need to happen]

Yeah. Thanks for the theme though. I think it looks awesome, altough we have 1 small issue on ARM, which I haven't seen anywhere else.

The first window we open on each boot has no window decorations (eg, minimize/maximize/close buttons etc) shown. The buttons still work, they are just not shown.
If I close the window, and re-open the app, the buttons show fine.

Tell me if it works similarly on matchama

and by the way ... I really do not have time now ... this right now is the most time I have spent with 'manjaro stuff' in 2 weeks .. and I wont be able to for another 2 at least.

There is no Manjaro packages for that yet, is there?

That is my point. Somewhere after I created the matcha-kde theme .. someone related to matcha made a 'matcha-kde' (without kvantum .. and many icons .. and .. yeah) .. and as they are closer to the original project I decided to rebrand to matchama ... no one in manjaro has seen fit to deal with that packaging issue.

So now there is a 'real' matcha-kde out there ... but manjaro is packaging an old and outdated matcha-kde from me .. that has since been updated and transformed into matchama-kde.
[which is still intended to match matcha in general]

If there are issues with that theme .. I will gladly take a look when I get time :heart:

[as it stands now .. the packaging is arguably disingenuous .. and certainly behind]


sorry ... edit again ... heres the one:

(notice vinceluice also has repo for gtk matcha .. but I still, humbly, find the KDE less complete but did not wish to infringe or confuse. so here we are. again. let me know about how my theme is now)

@Ste74 mentioned he would be updating it soon. So I am looking forward to that.

Okey. Like I said, I wouldnt mind some feedback... if there is anything to fix .. I will be happy to look into it when I can. For now, you can certainly try it out without the package - it shouldnt conflict.

but argh. oops for polluting the thread. I just hadnt realized this was the presentation as of now.

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Done all are in our repo .. we need to do the needed changes in our profiles to use matchama .. After we can remove from repo matcha-kde-theme

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