Manjaro ARM Alpha1 with Lomiri (PinePhone)

BUG in version:

If mobile data and WiFi are active and connected the IP traffic only goes over the SIM-Card. So WiFi is quite useless for receiving patches etc.

Are “Click Packages” supposed to work with this or is that strictly for Ubuntu Touch?

I’m under the impression that there are no plans to bring Click packages to Manjaro Lomiri. (If I’m wrong about that, I hope someone will correct me.)

However, Ubuntu Touch will eventually support Snaps. Indeed, UBports has stated that a “central part of [their] aim would be to have [their] own apps packaged as snaps.”

So, if I had to guess, I’d guess that Clicks will eventually be replaced by Snaps on Ubuntu Touch. But again, that’s just my guess. :slight_smile:

Yes this is a known issue as we’re still using the experimental modem power up and connect function pkg build by martijn. Once lomiri team comes up with something in the shell itself to replace this experimental pkg that it will be replaced.

Currently we have tried to build ubport apps naively without click and some were build and worked successfully but some still need click to compile.

It all depends on ubport team on how they plan to handle this situation either by finding a way to get apps to work without click or go with snap pkgs.

Only time will tell as it is a huge task.

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I would be glad if this would be listed in first post …
This BUG nuckled empty my data volume on the SIM card…

With regard to those UBports apps that don’t compile as native Manjaro apps, my guess is that, among other issues, those apps require confinement that’s better supported through packaging formats such as Clicks, Snaps, and/or Flatpaks.

As an outsider (who does not speak for UBports), I do hope that UBports will commit to repackaging various apps as Snaps. Similarly, I hope that Manjaro ARM will commit to the continued support of snapd and other dependencies needed for running Snaps on Manjaro ARM.


any progress to alpha2?


Currently no as the core developer is sick…
Once he is back to work then we will see some progress.

All the best to him. As i liked this build the most, i wanted to build it myself -succeeded, but it wont boot properly because of some trouble during WM initialization. Is there any repo where you store build config to make them reproducable that i wasnt able to find?

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What do you mean you build yourself?

This is are git for lomiri you will need many patches to make it work.

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@mofe, also take a look at the arm profiles: There is a lot going on there.

@spikerguy i tried to build the lomiri/pinephone combo myself to get an idea how to work with, and how your OS works. I followed the tutorial how to use manjaro-arm-tools and had a look on the arm-profiles repo (thx @Pak0st ). Creating an image was easy, but the phone was finishing the boot procedure. LightDM logs looked like it’s trapped in some loop caused by wrong permissions.

After making a full diff of my build and the official Alpha1 (2020-10-03), i recognized that my manjaro user had not been added to the autologon group. After i did this, phone booted and i was greeted by the unity8-greeter :slight_smile: but without a keyboard :disappointed:
So i wasted some more hours, until i finally found the only fing Merge Request in the whole manjaro-arm repo That MR contained all the small changes that were troubling me . . .

And that was pretty much what i wanted to ask: If there’s a place where i can see which repositories and commits a build consists of.


Oh yes @philm had created a separate branch for lomiri as it was under heavy developement.
We had all those fixes there like lightdm, keyboard work but idk which one did you use, you can use the lomiri keyboard without the gtk input plugin as that plugin breaks the keyboard.

Thanks for the MR will compare it with the existing changes we have done on the other branch.

Please make LOMIRI #1 priority over PHOSH. Its way better. Lets at least get LOMIRI functionality up to speed.


I 2nd that, and would be more than happy to donate specifically to this project. I’m donating to ARM, but I’d like a more direct option.

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Same here… would like to donate if the project goes on with higher priority. Can absolutely NOT like phosh


hope he get better soon
ubuntu touch is on the wright track but its closed
this is open
i do hope will new beta


Hello and welcome to the forum.

I am with you on this but we need support from ubports developers and I see that they’re very busy atm with some of the new phone support.

I will ping them again today.

What do you mean?


I will try to get another test image to see what all works so far.

Thanks guys for the support, sometimes all we need is a little push to start looking into it again.


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Donating to ARM I assume splits the money up between all the ARM projects, but I personally am only interested in Lomiri for now. I would be willing to donate $20 a month if I knew all of it was going directly to this project. So I would like a Lomiri Patreon.

Though I find Ubuntu’s UI flawed in a few ways there’s a fair bit I like about it, and I think it’s by far the best UI for the PinePhone for now. As soon as Lomiri can call and text reliably I will start daily it.

Alright, I didn’t expect this - Lomiri doesn’t like dual-displays :smiley:
Apart from the second monitor coming up as grey (no wallpaper or anything), you can’t reach it either when using kb/mouse. The mouse is confined within the phone display - it’s heavily reliant on edge gestures/ triggers for the navigation which wouldn’t be great if one of screen edges suddenly disappears :slight_smile:

In hindsight, this shouldn’t be surpising - Ubports has mainly relied heavily on Libertine when it comes to the desktop experience. If I recall correctly, on my Nexus 4 when Libertine + HDMI were triggered, the phone display became touchpad and keyboard while the external monitor was used for all UI. Maybe it’s attempting to do the same here (except trying to use the external monitor as touchpad :smiley: ). But that is a question the Lomiri developers could answer when they reach that point - I have next to no knowledge on how Lomiri actually works :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to how Lomiri will work out - it’s definitely interesting approach and different take compared to Plasma Mobile or Posh :slight_smile:

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