Manjaro ARM 20.02 released!

Thanks for your answer, have you a link ?

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Thanks, I'll try it this week-end.


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I'm glad my ramblings were helpful enough for @Strit to suggest someone else look at them. Hope everything works, !

Re: xf86-video-dummy-with-vt
Now I'm wondering what an "allocated virtual terminal" is, and if it's something I need.
AUR package:
Discussion of default dummy driver without VT:

If I'm running headless over SSH 100 percent of the time, do I need the "with-vt" version? I'm still not 100 percent clear what benefit that has if I'm not using a screen reader.


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First and foremost, congratulations on a new release and a ton of thanks for your hard work.

I'm having a bit of trouble setting up my Raspberry Pi 4 in headless state (I have keyboard and mouse but unfortunately, no display. Hence, SSH). I have the 20.02 KDE image and I am following this guide here.

SDDM seems to be going into a coredump mode. I searched around, and found one of your suggestions that mesa-git should be installed. That unfortunately didn't work.
Running journalctl -xe
gave me this error :
Feb 27 01:22:05 rpi sddm[1780]: Failed to read display number from pipe
Feb 27 01:22:05 rpi sddm[1780]: Display server failed to start. Exiting
I am left with a working SSH connection but no VNC. Any help or guidelines in the right direction would be much appreciated. Thank you


Welcome :slight_smile:

I installed krfb and krdc on my 20.20 n2 kde, I'm satisfied with those product since long hours...
Look here for some tricks.

or here with TigerVNC on Manjaro ARM (Rpi4) running GNOME

To start without screen johntdavis post this solution, I don't tested it for the moment, I hope soon !

Really appreciate this. Makes my Rockpro64 way more fun to have. Please forgive me for not understanding how hardware works, but does this mean that only KDE will be hardware accelerated? Or will XFCE also be accelerated?

Yes. Only KDE is accelerated.
XFCE can't really take advantage of the GPU anyway. :slight_smile:

here that another user, as suggested there by again another user I am compiling the 'mesa-git' package with debug option, so that the crash dump could be more useful.

I am compiling it on pbpro itself so I am not sure how much time will it take.

Did anyone from manjaroarm checked curent crash dump trace I posted there?

We know off the issue. And it gets fixed in mesa 20.

So either install mesa-git and reboot or switch to unstable branch and update to mesa 20.0.0.

both issue reported are working fine with mesa-git .

How can I find PKGBUILD files for unstable branch? Here I don't see any "branch" buttons like on github, but maybe I just mis right button.

To switch to unstable you do:

sudo pacman-mirrors -b unstable
sudo pacman-mirrors -g #if the above does not update the mirrorlist
sudo pacman -Syyu

So does this release have better hardware acceleration for the Raspberry Pi 4?

Update a week or two ago on my existing install, and noticed the change of theme (XFCE)

I've update the mirrors (I think?)

So much cooler to be able to keep the same operating system on my Raspberry Pi, then update to get the latest features, all without flashing a new image!


Only what gets pushed into the kernel. Not much can be done better it beyond that.

Updates shouldn't change themes.
But the new image does have a slightly different theme.

Thank you so much for replying.

Do I need to simply install krfb and krdc and it will work out of the box? If not, what kind of config do I need to do? Because, as I mentioned, I only have access to SSH. I do not have a GUI and that is what I need.

Thank you

@Strit is this PKGBUILD used for Pinebook Pro on Manjaro-Arm 20.02 KDE-Plasma?
I am trying to get VPU working for hardware accelerated video playback and potentially running Kodi on PBPro.

there seems some patches needed in kernel to get ffmpeg-v2l2-request-git to compile as written here.

Gotcha, thanks. If XFCE still has issues with panfrost, does panfrost work with WMs like i3 or bspwm? I'm looking for the benefits of hardware acceleration (firefox is running way faster now) but a minimal WM. Again I'm mostly ignorant of these things so if there's some page/documentation please point me there.

Yes it is.

Then you should add those patches if they are missing.

I am actually trying a fix for the panfrost issue we had with xfce.
I have no idea about i3 or bspwm as I don't use them.

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You're welcome.

Yes, krfb and krdc are working out of the box, you have to set up the software, I did, it's not so hard.
First you need a GUI, for sure.

I'm getting a White Screen of Death ( "Oh no! Something has gone wrong") when I try to use either gdm or GNOME with Manjaro 20.02 on a PBP

Unfortunately, I wiped my eMMC clean and flashed the release image. The previous image was a regularly updated preview for PineBook Pro. GNOME did run very well with Wayland.

Are there any special tricks to get gdm and GNOME to run on this release?

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