Manjaro ARM 19.12 released!

That looks really neat. :slight_smile:

Any news about "emmc-installer" versions?

Uploading as we speak/write. :slight_smile:

Also uploaded fixed XFCE editions (19.12.1).


Just a note for the emmc installer - it is sd card-to-emmc installer.
If you want to burn the image directly to the emmc, just use the regular image.

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I installed Manjaro + i3 on the emmc of my pinebook pro using the Manjaro arm installer. It runs well and so far I didn't encounter any particular problem.


I find a problem when I am using double monitors. My desktop environment is KDE.
I can see three devices in audio. That is right, two monitors and one headphone.
But the problem is I can only use two monitors, which means when I switch to headphone audio output, there is no sound.


Does anyone else have problem with the clock on the pinebook pro?
Just flashed the new image to the emmc drive, automatic setting of time does not work, and when i set it manually, it resets after reboot.

Which arm device are you using.

This should happen a few moments after you connect to the internet.

Raspberry pi 4

Check your /boot/config.txt.
If it has a line called hdmi_drive=2 please try putting a # infront of it, save the file and reboot.

That line will force the audio over HDMI, so commenting it, would revert it to default.

So those of you who brought a PineBook Pro with the intent to use Manjaro-Arm on the notebook, how is it? And How much did you for this device?

I would say it's one of the best experiences with Manjaro ARM, if I do say so myself. :slight_smile:
I am really proud of the teams work on this one.

The device is $199 + shipping + tax + import fee (if applicable). So it depends on your country.
I think I paid like $30 for tax and import fees (in Denmark).

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I did as you said. But I can not hear any sound after reboot using my headphone.

I'm considering buying one next year. Are they offering the 128GB eMMC upgrade?

No. That was for the first batch, if you had a Pine64 forum account before it was available for pre-order.
So only the 64 GB one is available. But you can buy a bigger eMMC and put that in.

I found an old set of headphones and have sound working here.

First a recent perimeter addition to /boot/cmdline.txt is part of the problem. Change this at the very end of the line in cmdline.txt:

#From this:
#To this:

In /boot/config.txt remove all instances of hdmi_drive=?? and add these 2 lines (Blocks audio from each monitor's HDMI and defaults sound to the audio jack):


Then reboot your RPi4

This should make your audio jack the default device.

You may have to adjust your volume.

So is the PineBook Pro worth getting? What about battery life?

If you're okay with a laptop that has an OS that's still growing/evolving, I recommend it. The battery life has been insanely awesome for me. I get an average of 9-10 hours per charge, with the most discharge coming from rebooting frequently to swap OSes.

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Does anybody use LUKS in PBP? How is partitions coming to eMMC after installing, is the only / or separate? If there is only /, could I resize it and at least, make LUKS /home?

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