Manjaro Arm 19.08 Rpi 4, not able to decrypt ecryptfs container

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It seems Manjaro-Arm 19.08 (Xfce) for Rpi 4 is missing kernel modules required for decrypting twofish encrypted ecryptfs containers.

Trying to mount a ecryptfs container prints this to the log:

Aug 28 21:15:53 rpi4 mount.ecryptfs[1204]: Could not open library handle
Aug 28 21:16:12 rpi4 kernel: Unable to allocate crypto cipher with name [ecb(twofish)]; rc = [-2]
Aug 28 21:16:12 rpi4 kernel: Error attempting to initialize key TFM cipher with name = [twofish]; rc = [-2]
Aug 28 21:16:12 rpi4 kernel: Error attempting to initialize cipher with name = [twofish] and key size = [32]; rc = [-2]
Aug 28 21:16:12 rpi4 kernel: Error parsing options; rc = [-22]
Aug 28 21:16:12 rpi4 mount.ecryptfs[1204]: Failed to perform eCryptfs mount: [-32]

I have a Rpi 3 with an updated Manjaro-Arm installation from about a year ago and and it is able to decrypt twofish encypted containers with no problems. Did kernel build options change for the Rpi 4 version ?

Please include kernel support for encryption algorithms for Rpi 4 kernel.

Well, the Rpi3 uses the mainline kernel, which probably has it by default.
The rpi4 uses the 4.19 kernel from the Raspberry Pi foundation.

If you could find out if the needed modules/drivers are present in
And if they are, what config options would I need to enable to get the modules built? :stuck_out_tongue:

I will check it. Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

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Think I found it.
I will enable CONFIG_CRYPTO_TWOFISH and CONFIG_CRYPTO_TWOFISH_COMMON in the next linux-rpi4 update.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I got 4.19.68 kernel today and now my twofish container mounts cleanly :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it works. :slight_smile:

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