Manjaro-Arm 18.12.1 - PI3B+ - kernel - debugging off/custom kernel?


Quick question.

On low performance SBCs it’s usually a good idea to turn off all debugging
inside the kernel.
Tz always good to gain some horsepower. That’s seen from a “user” perspective. :wink:

I did understand and do know that maintaining several kernels is helluva work. I wouldn’t expect a debugging-off kernel, being well aware that a designer usually appreciates debugging options turned on.

I do guess the only way around is to build a custom kernel. (Yes??)

If that is so. Is there a (reliable!) wiki/howto showing how to build a custom aarch64 ML kernel for a Manjaro PI installation?



I use Arch Linux ARM’s kernel, where I modify a few things in the config.
It can be found here: