Manjaro-Arm 18.12.1 - keyboard layout at login US only


Hi there.

I switched language/locale etc to German on my installation.

Inside the login screen I cannot select a German keyboard though. Just the US kbd is listed.

Where do I have to configure this?



I’m pretty sure the login screen only detects the keyboard layout in use by the system. Which is “us” by default.

You can change that in the usual Arch way.


As soon as I login it becomes german. I did it the Arch way I guess.

It is just not available for selection at the login manager screen.


You should be able to set it to german on login manager with:
localectl set-x11-keymap de

However, there is a bug right now in libxcb, so the layout won’t be shown until you start typing in the login manager. I just tested this today, and it works fine on the lXQT edition, after I run the above command and reboot.


I can confirm what you’re saying.

After typing a character the country flag and the keyboard setting changes now.

I did setup the locale and keyboard from the LXQt desktop GUI before.


localectl set-x11-keymap de

is not being taken care of.

I’m wondering if that should be considered a bug.
Having a wrong keyboard installed at login will cause issues. It did in my case when using special characters in the password.

Again. Thx for your support.