Manjaro ARM 18.12.1 for Raspberry Pi 2 released!



Because of popular demand for an updated armv7h image for the Raspberry Pi, with the Raspberry Pi kernel, I have just released a 18.12.1 minimal image for the rpi2.

This image is armv7h based, and should work on both Raspberry Pi 2 and 3’s.

The image has only been tested on rpi3b to see if it boots. I haven’t done any extensive testing at all

Only minimal edition is available, since the rpi2 is not what I would call “desktop material”. Lots of stuff are still available in the repo though.

New image is available.

Torrent are also available from the same location.


  • Updated the linux-raspberrypi kernel to 4.14.94

Updating from 18.10:

  • Old releases should just keep on rolling.

Known issues:

As I have done almost zero testing, I wouldn’t know of any issues

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You’re awesome! Thank you so much!