Manjaro-Arm 18.12.1 - 3B+ - Turning off bluetooth


The mainline kernel doesn’t come with the device tree overlays (.dtbo) - afaik.

On the RPI kernesl there’s been an overlay to turn off bluetooth:


I already tried to blacklist the modules with no effect.

Any hints are appreciated.



Maybe just stop and disable the bluetooth service?
sudo systemctl stop bluetooth && sudo systemctl disable bluetooth


The best method to disable bluetooth is to add the following entry to the configuration file:


Add this line to the conf file:

install bluetooth /bin/false 

Save the changes to with root privileges, and exit your text editor.

Next we must totally disable the bluetooth service:

sudo systemctl stop bluetooth
sudo systemctl mask bluetooth

Then, restart.


Your bruteforce :wink: method did the trick!

Great. Thx a lot.

Just disabling the service would not cut it.

I’m wondering if this “process” could be introduced when disabling Bluetooth
from the GUI (what I tried in the first place) !?!?

Thx again.


Glad to hear that worked.

Please mark your thread solved.


That would entirely depend on the GUI application you use to disable it. :slight_smile:
I maintain nothing related to bluetooth, so that would be an upstream suggestion. :slight_smile:


I used this command:

gsettings set org.blueman.plugins.powermanager auto-power-on false