Manjaro-ARM 18.09 released!



Glad to know it works. But it’s not a maintained device anymore. :slight_smile:


May I ask why the XU4 is not being maintained anymore?

Thank you


Sure. 3 main reasons.

  1. It’s based on the old armv7h architecture.
  2. At barely had any downloads.
  3. No one has agreed to maintain it.


Hello Strit,
I tried looking for pinebook but no luck since 3 months now.

So I plan to get on Khadas Vim 1 to play around with and make a working bootable image from scratch.
From what I have read about this device is almost the same as pine devices ad very cheap to acquire for testing.
I plan to work only on aarch64 and manjaro Linux.
Just need your advice on my thought.

Edit: Was also looking into Azpen A1160 laptop just like pinebook.
What are your thoughts on this?


They might be very similar in hardware, but be aware that working on ARM is very different that on x86.
Each ARM device will probably need it’s own bootloader and support for the hardware in the kernel might not be present.
But let me know if you get it working. :slight_smile:


Well these ones have a working Linux kernel so, now i m confused which one to order?
I m keen on Khadas vim 1 as it have a good community.
So should i order it to start developing on it?


Don’t know.

I don’t know the device, don’t know the community and don’t know what architecture/kernel it runs. :slight_smile:


It has the following specs

Amlogic S905X 64Bit Quad Core ARM Cortex-A53
2GB DDR3 + 8GB EMMC-V5.0
Broadcom AP6212 802.11b/n/g + Bluetooth
ubuntu 16.04 LTS based on Aarch64, suport boot on SD Card or eMMC
Full open source code on Github


That is very similar to the Odroid-C2.
Try one of those images first. It might work. :slight_smile:
Else you need a special bootloader for the device.


Great. Thanks alot. Let me order first then i will come back to you after trying it.



If that does not work, there is a guide here for Arch Linux ARM. :slight_smile:

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