Manjaro Architect


i wanted to ask what happend with the Manjaro Architec ISO.

Is there no longer support? What should users do, who want to setup a system with LVM and BTFRS?



how can i now setup a system with lvm and btrfs?

You’ll have to adapt Manjaro install in Arch way:

Otherwise, a January-February iso (Gnome, KDE, XFCE, …) should still have Architect into it and is not obsolete yet.

Or from a recent iso, you can still manually install then launch manjaro-architect, if the package still exists.

Thank your for your reply. How long will be the manjaro-architect usable?

As long as it will be usable :grin:

For now, it’s still compatible with kernels, package versions…
In a few months, if still not maintained, bugs during installation process are to be foreseen.

Ok, then i will now install a system with manjaro architect and clone it for the future. Thank you for your help!

I thought both are doable from inside Calamares, no?

I don´t know if it works correctly, because the calamares website tells that there are a few issues

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