Manjaro-architect z-release 0.9.20


Manjaro-architect 0.9.20 is here with many big and much awaited improvements:

  • improved start up time
  • self updating boot entries for systemd-boot (thanks @dalto)
  • microcode support for refind (thanks @openminded) and systemd-boot (thanks @dalto)
  • improved grub installation time by ~5 minutes (thanks @papajoke)
  • initial zfs support (thanks @dalto)
  • zstd compression for btrfs
  • Ukrainian translation
  • Turkish translation
  • bug fixes for lvm
  • offer yay instead of yaourt
  • silent boot with grub (systemd service instead of fsck hook)
  • improved aspect ratios for dialogs

The stars of the release are zfs support and bootloader improvements. Have fun testing it, it has now been uploaded to unstable and testing branches.

@Maintainers When updating isos, please make sure to usee the new version of m-a. It pulls git as dependency, which makes it much more resilient against breakage as the iso gets older. This should ensure that problems like we had this fall shall not reoccur.

Manjaro Architect hanging on "Generating grub.cfg.example config file"

There’s a little typo which I’m not sure how to correct, text in no. 14 says Ukranian instead of Ukrainian.

Thanks :slight_smile:


It is worth noting that if you want to try zfs, you will need an ISO that has the zfs kernel module.

Adding KERNEL-zfs to any iso profile should be sufficient as anything else needed should come in as dependencies.

If you want a full list of what is needed it is:



Even with Manjaro-architect 0.9.20 we still can not install system with luks + lvm (LVM on top of the encrypted partition, with separated uncrypted /boot).

Full hanging, when generating grub.cfg.example (screenshot):


This is related to Manjaro Architect fails bootloader installation and to Manjaro Architect hanging on "Generating grub.cfg.example config file"

I believed that this bug was finally fixed… But, as we can see - no…


There is corner cases which any installer will break on.

You can’t demand everything …


I was just hoping that this problem was fixed, because I finally want to completely switch to Manjaro and its important for me. By the way ubuntu netinstaller easy to deal with it. I suspect that the problem is not in the installer, but perhaps in the new Grub.


Is this on legacy boot btw? The issue should be fixed with uefi, but I don’t have legacy boot machine so I haven’t done anything on that side.

If the issue persists on uefi, then you can just use one of the other two bootloaders. If it’s on legacy boot, I suggest installing grub manually for the moment. The solution is:

mkdir /mnt/hostlvm
mount --bind /run/lvm /mnt/hostlvm
arch-chroot /mnt
ln -s /hostlvm /run/lvm
>install grub manually
umount /mnt/hostlvm

You are correct. The issue comes from the changes in tools that Manjaro-architect uses. Grub-install is really slow nowadays inside chroot. Thats why you need make the /run/lvm of the host system available inside chroot.

I have considered making an easy netinstaller, but cannot afford it at the moment. Maybe when my wife is off the maternity leave. Manjaro-architect is not designed to be easy or simple. It designed to be gradual so that if something goes wrong, you can manually do the necessary steps to progress.

On the side note, the arch installer is also super easy and dependable, never had a problem with it :slightly_smiling_face:


This is on VMware Workstation virtual machine, with default settings, so it’s legacy. I think VirtualBox will be the same. So you can test this without physical legacy boot machine :slight_smile:

Just slow? So I can wait a few hours and everything will be fine? It would suit me.

Manjaro-architect is quite simple and straightforward. It is hardly necessary to make it even easier. But it would be good if all the functionality that it provides worked correctly. For example, Calamares does not provide the ability to fine tune LVM and there are no questions for it.


Yay. Thats my preferred :sunglasses:

Also all around GJ @dalto @papajoke @openminded @Chrysostomus


I can try taking a look at legacy grub tonight if you don’t have time at the moment. Just let me know.

Both support UEFI these days. In vmware I think you just need version 14 or greater. I do most of my initial testing in vmware workstation before rolling to real hardware for final testing.


On my machine the wait was about 10 minutes. I have heard reports of even longer times. But yeah, if it is the same issue then it is just grub-install being super slow inside chroot.

Theoretically yes. In practice no, my hardware is not sufficiently powerful. Also, I dont test installation without package cache because of time constraints, so running an iso inside a vm simply takes too long. So when development time is limited, I have priorirized uefi over legacy. All testing is done installing from existing installation to neighbor partition of the same ssd.


Thank you all for your efforts.

I will try the MA once again…Last time it blew up on my face and wiped my drive (My mistake obviously)…Hopefully this time I pick up the right options :slight_smile:


@Chrysostomus Can you please do something about the tiny font or at least make it respect the selected font?. After login I setfont ter-v18b and after launching setup, the “super tiny font” is back :frowning:


Where is this font? On the installed system tty?Manjaro-architect tries to set the console font based on your resolution, but I think that even the smallest option is bigger than the standard.


No, on the live iso console. My current screen resolution is 1920x1080 and the font is not comfortable to read. As long as I cant set the font manually it’s ok, but as mentioned earlier, the font get reset after running the setup and no way to change it back (on console/tty installer).


Possibly include font setup at the beginning of install process, where it sets locale, keyboard layout,…


Question… what is a z-release?


I think related to the included zfs/zstd support?


Pretty much. Also it sounded cool.


As someone who frequently uses the architect Iso, i would like to say thanks, and about time it got updated :slight_smile:

Question though, where can one download the new Iso ?