Manjaro Architect with a GUI

Hello, I'm not sure where to post this but I just tried Manjaro Architect for the first time and was amazed by how awesome it is. Is there any chance to create a GUI version for this amazing tool?

If I had a link to the code, I'd be happy too :stuck_out_tongue:

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Part of the whole point of architect is that you boot without graphics (thus a good way to work around weird setups or problematic video cards, etc)
Forcing Architect into a GUI breaks parts of its core functionality.

..I dont really understand the impetus for this .. but if you must it should be as a separate or 'add-on' package like manjaro-acrhitect-gui.


I can understand that but I never said to remove the CLI option. I think it will just be much more friendly for people who find the "terminal" too distant for them. Like it will be the greatest way to have a custom install with all the options listed and still be user friendly enough to not scare potential newcomers. :smiley:

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Well thanks :slight_smile: I'll try @QushAes :stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT: Is there already one???

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I'll begin work in a week or so if I can, juggling a couple projects atm ;(

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My main project is a buncha Ubuntu Budgie stuff.
I want to switch back to manjaro :frowning: :frowning: lol
But I kinda like Ubuntu Budgie, too. Much more polished than Manjaro Budgie. @Ste74 I'll tell ya what's wrong with it later :laughing:

I have a project - creating a slimmed down version of Architect running GTK or Qt intended for system builders.

The project is in it's planning phase :slight_smile:


I will take this opportunity to really applaud the Architect. With the latest changes it's amazing and my only problem with it, so to speak is that I have nothing else to install on. Manjaro works so well so after installing it three months ago I've had no reason to do anything but updates.

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Newcomers should be careful with a custom install. What is the use of a minimal system if you don't know how to enable printing? The concept of netinstall also introduces problems which often make the installation fail. Like a package changed its name or moved to AUR and then the installer cannot download it.
An installer which unsquashes the ISO to the disk is more reliable. I'd actually prefer Calamares to have a CLI mode.

The more you would think about it the more you would see all the problems. It won't just work to add a GUI layer. You would need to break up the code of manjaro-architect into functions, script and presentation. Presentation could then be implemented in ncruses (Terminal) or in a GUI.

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