Manjaro-architect, testers wanted



Or if you want the latest build, you can

git clone
cd manjaro-architect
makepkg -sric
sudo manjaro-architect


When i use this on the live-iso-environment, i ended up with architect-version 9.14?


EDIT: The Desktop-Icon gives me version 9.19.

EDIT2: Ok…when i close architect and terminal and run “sudo manjaro-architect” again, it starts version 9.19.


Use newer mirror and run



I now implemented the grub fix also in legacy boot. Not tested at all.


I have stuck in update-grub during installation, but it finished (not sure without errors).
Hibernator failed without message. On first boot, there was no grub resume=UUID entry. I added manually to boot.

On the installed system (LxQt on MBR system), on the first pacman upgrade, update-grub is stuck (running indefinitely) and I think I have to stop it. Now, what about the remaining hooks? How can I run them?


check in /etc

ls mkinitcpio.*

linux414.preset  linux419.preset  linux420.preset

file mkinitcpio.conf is empty for hooks


I should probably disable it. Hibernator does not work that well in chroot


The bug fix for legacy boot is not yet packaged, it’s only pushed to the git repo.