Manjaro-architect, testers wanted


Or if you want the latest build, you can

git clone
cd manjaro-architect
makepkg -sric
sudo manjaro-architect

When i use this on the live-iso-environment, i ended up with architect-version 9.14?


EDIT: The Desktop-Icon gives me version 9.19.

EDIT2: Ok…when i close architect and terminal and run β€œsudo manjaro-architect” again, it starts version 9.19.


Use newer mirror and run


I now implemented the grub fix also in legacy boot. Not tested at all.


I have stuck in update-grub during installation, but it finished (not sure without errors).
Hibernator failed without message. On first boot, there was no grub resume=UUID entry. I added manually to boot.

On the installed system (LxQt on MBR system), on the first pacman upgrade, update-grub is stuck (running indefinitely) and I think I have to stop it. Now, what about the remaining hooks? How can I run them?


check in /etc

ls mkinitcpio.*

linux414.preset  linux419.preset  linux420.preset

file mkinitcpio.conf is empty for hooks

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I should probably disable it. Hibernator does not work that well in chroot

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The bug fix for legacy boot is not yet packaged, it’s only pushed to the git repo.

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Attempting a VM EFI install from the 18.0.4 KDE ISO, using M-A 0.9.22, with unencrypted /boot and LUKS root.

There were a couple of issues, if these have been fixed in 0.9.23 then I guess this post is kinda pointless.

Such is life, but 0.9.22 is on all the current 18.0.4 installation ISOs, and this setup will result in a non booting system.

Prior to launching M-A use gparted to partition.

/dev/sda1 -> 512MB -> boot, esp Flags 
/dev/sda2 -> Rest of virtual disk (39.5GB)

Prepare Installation.

LUKS Encryption
Automatic LUKS Encryption
/dev/sda2 -> luks-root

Mount partitions.

/dev/mapper/luks-root -> / -> format ext4.
Create swapfile

UEFI Partition
/dev/sda1 -> /boot -> format fat32

Install Manjaro Desktop.

KDE Minimal
No additional packages

Install Display Driver.

Select Display Driver -> video-virtualbox

Following error.

error target not found: virtualbox-guest-utils
error target not found: linux419-virtualbox-guest-modules

Error: pacman failed
Error: script failed

Ignore error and contine, fix later.

Install UEFI Bootloader

set bootloader as default

Configure Base.


Before rebooting chroot into installed system and fix mhwd.

mhwd -i pci video-virtualbox

Initially I tried chrooting from within M-A during the install to fix mhwd error, couldn't resume after running mhwd though, the following error was generated.

bash: fg: current: no such job

This left the installation in an inconsistent state, I had to start over, next time I fixed mhwd after installation completion.

Long story short ... this produced a non booting system.

Problem was no cryptdevice=UUID=luks-root and root=/dev/mapper/luks-root kernel parameters in /etc/default/grub. These are always required booting an encrypted root partition.

Manually added these in (removed quiet grub params also, be nice if this was optional) and voila, a booting system.


The issue should be fixed for grub, but refind is broken with luks.

Making quiet grub optional might be a good idea, because it slows down the installation by an additional mkinitcpio.

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Just did another test install using M-A 0.9.24 on unstable, same config as above with /boot esp partition, luks root partition with swapfile.

I don't think the grub config is quite right yet for LUKS root.

There is a cryptdevice=[UUID]:luks-root parameter, but no root=/dev/mapper/luks-root parameter. Both are needed.

Same for LVM on LUKS installs, but the root= param would reference a logical volume device mapper instead of luks device mapper.

Installing video-virtualbox via Select Display Driver is still failing too with same error as above.


Here is the full error text when trying to install video-virtualbox, for some reason it looks like it is trying to remove it instead.

> Removing video-virtualbox...
Using default
Has lib32 support: true
Sourcing /var/lib/mhwd/local/pci/video-virtualbox/MHWDCONFIG
Processing classid: 0300
Sourcing /var/lib/mhwd/scripts/include/0300
error: target not found: virtualbox-guest-utils
error: target not found: linux414-virtualbox-guest-modules
error: target not found: linux419-virtualbox-guest-modules
error: target not found: linux49-virtualbox-guest-modules
Error: pacman failed!
Error: script failed!

press Enter to continue

Thank you, I just fixed the same issue for refind last night. Should be possible to copy the solution for grub.


In my tests, it seems that grub does not require setting the root parameter with luks+lvm. It seems to automatically detect it. The luks and lvm parts should now work.

I now added an option to keep fsck hook in the preparation menu. So far implemented only in git and only for normal desktop installation and uefi grub. But I will be adding it to other parts as well. I also made sure that systemd-fsck service is being used.

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Did you test with a separate /boot partition?


Not yet. That one still needs to be tested.


Other users have also reported this issue, but I cannot replicate it. Was this in a tty and with bash? My tests have been conducted in st+tmux+zsh nvironment


Konsole + bash shell.

The testing I did with LVM on LUKS had multiple logical volumes within a LUKS partition, without the root=UUID parameter the root file system was not found by grub. It was a virtualbox install.

Personally I think root=UUID should always be explicitly provided with LUKS systems, not assumed it will be implicitly deduced by grub.


Tested now with separate /boot, luks+lvm(/ and /boot). Uefi, full disk encryption. Works on my end without specifying root parameter. Can I have more data on your setup to replicate the issue? I had

β”Œβ”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€ List Devices (optional) ─────────────────────────────────┐
β”‚ NAME              MODEL                  TYPE  FSTYPE        SIZE MOUNTPOINT            β”‚
β”‚ sda               WDC_WDS120G2G0B-00EPW0 disk              111.8G                       β”‚
β”‚ β”œβ”€sda1                                   part  ext4           63G                       β”‚
β”‚ β”œβ”€sda2                                   part  vfat          512M /boot                 β”‚
β”‚ └─sda3                                   part  btrfs        48.3G /home                 β”‚
β”‚ sdb               Ultra_Fit              disk              115.7G                       β”‚
β”‚ └─sdb1                                   part  exfat       115.7G /media/matti/DATA     β”‚
β”‚ mmcblk1                                  disk               29.1G                       β”‚
β”‚ β”œβ”€mmcblk1p1                              part  vfat          513M /mnt/boot/efi         β”‚
β”‚ β”œβ”€mmcblk1p2                              part  swap            4G [SWAP]                β”‚
β”‚ └─mmcblk1p3                              part  crypto_LUKS  24.6G                       β”‚
β”‚   └─cryptroot                            crypt LVM2_member  24.6G                       β”‚
β”‚     β”œβ”€lv-lvolboot                        lvm   ext4            2G /mnt/boot             β”‚
β”‚     └─lv-lvolroot                        lvm   ext4         22.7G /mnt                  β”‚
β”‚ mmcblk1boot0                             disk                  4M                       β”‚
β”‚ mmcblk1boot1                             disk                  4M                       β”‚
β”‚                                                                                         β”‚
β”‚                                       < Back >                                          β”‚


Difference between LVM on LUKS and LUKS on LVM.

My EFI and boot partitions are unencrypted (ie Fedora requires separate efi and boot partitions, Manjaro either single efi + boot or just efi), all logical volumes are created within a single luks partition.

sdc                                             8:32   0   50G  0 disk  
β”œβ”€sdc1                                          8:33   0  300M  0 part  
β”œβ”€sdc2                                          8:34   0  500M  0 part  
β”œβ”€sdc3                                          8:35   0  300M  0 part  
β”œβ”€sdc4                                          8:36   0  500M  0 part  
└─sdc5                                          8:37   0 48.4G  0 part  
  └─luks                                      254:2    0 48.4G  0 crypt 
    β”œβ”€vg--luks-lv--swap                       254:3    0    4G  0 lvm   
    β”œβ”€vg--luks-lv--root1                      254:4    0   22G  0 lvm   
    └─vg--luks-lv--root2                      254:5    0   22G  0 lvm   

The luks partition has to be decrypted by grub first (ie cryptdevice=UUID), the root=UUID is the logical volume the root file system resides in. Swap volume is shared.

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Thanks! Testing with unencrypted /boot outside lvm now.

β”Œβ”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€ List Devices (optional) ────────────────────────────────┐
β”‚ NAME            MODEL                  TYPE  FSTYPE        SIZE MOUNTPOINT            β”‚
β”‚ sda             WDC_WDS120G2G0B-00EPW0 disk              111.8G                       β”‚
β”‚ β”œβ”€sda1                                 part  ext4           63G                       β”‚
β”‚ β”œβ”€sda2                                 part  vfat          512M /boot                 β”‚
β”‚ └─sda3                                 part  btrfs        48.3G /home                 β”‚
β”‚ sdb             Ultra_Fit              disk              115.7G                       β”‚
β”‚ └─sdb1                                 part  exfat       115.7G /media/matti/DATA     β”‚
β”‚ mmcblk1                                disk               29.1G                       β”‚
β”‚ β”œβ”€mmcblk1p1                            part  vfat          513M /mnt/boot/efi         β”‚
β”‚ β”œβ”€mmcblk1p2                            part  swap            4G [SWAP]                β”‚
β”‚ β”œβ”€mmcblk1p3                            part  ext4          2.3G /mnt/boot             β”‚
β”‚ └─mmcblk1p4                            part  crypto_LUKS  22.4G                       β”‚
β”‚   └─cryptroot                          crypt LVM2_member  22.4G                       β”‚
β”‚     └─lv-lvroot                        lvm   ext4         22.4G /mnt                  β”‚
β”‚ mmcblk1boot0                           disk                  4M                       β”‚
β”‚ mmcblk1boot1                           disk                  4M                       β”‚
β”‚                                                                                       β”‚
β”‚                                       < Back >                                        β”‚

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