Manjaro-architect, testers wanted



The modules won’t work unless the current version of the kernel is the same as the one on the ISO. So, it will only work if you happen to have a band-new ISO.

It is surprisingly easy to do this on Manjaro. There is a video on how to do it that philm made here:

Just use one of the existing profiles and add the spl and zfs modules. Since you are doing an architect install, it doesn’t really matter which profile you use.


I think I should upload a testing iso with zfs modules. It’s currently a bit difficult to find time for that, but it would help the testing.


I finally got a testing environment set up, and made the initial implementation of microcode in refind. Currently it has two issues:

  1. It makes some breaking spelling mistakes in the config
  2. The supposed correct line doesn’t seem to work.

So, more research is needed…


What are “breaking spelling mistakes”? :thinking: