Manjaro Architect Installer v0.9.30 fails to install bootloader

Manjaro Architect 19.0 using Architect installer v0.9.30 fails in installing grub when using custom partitioning using parted.

Partition list is as follows using gpt

# FS Partition Type Size Flags Mount
1 fat32 primary 500MB esp,boot /boot/efi
2 linux-swap(v1) primary 2GB swap
3 ext4 primary 8GB /

I successfully managed to mount the partitions, install the base packages, display server and display manager and also configured the base without a hitch.

But the problem is with installing the bootloader. Once I select grub it confirms for Install UEFI bootloader GRUB followed by the prompt to set it as the default bootloader and once selected yes it returns an error stating
[Install GRUB][1] cp: cannot stat '/EFI/manjaro/grubx64.efi' : No such file or directory

But then it returns the message Grub has been set the default bootloader

In the first attempt I ignore the error and quit the setup which too prompt me with bootloader not installed. I ignored that as well and went ahead for the reboot just to find there is no bootloader to be found.

In the second attempt I chroot in to the installation then mount /dev/sda1 /boot/efi which returned it is already mounted to the location and checked the contents of /boot/efi and it was empty. So I executed grub-install /dev/sda to manually install grub and it successfully managed to create the folders and /boot/efi/EFI/manjaro/grubx64.efi was present there.

Then I reattempted to install the bootloader from the Architect Installer and now it detected the existing bootloader and asked for a name. But then again it failed in making it the default bootloader and returned the same error as mentioned above.

I was able to overcome the error by creating a symlink ln -s /boot/efi/EFI /EFI after chroot back into the installation. Afterwards when I tried to install the bootloader from the Architect Installer it went on without a fuss. But still once I complete the installation it says install bootloader is incomplete. But the reboot detected the OS and booted into it successfully.

I dunno if this is a mistake in the approach I took but better get it fixed. Luckily I tried this in a VM before going in an formatting laptop. I have previously run into issues so now I simulate it in a VM before trying the real deal. If you need I can attach screenshots.

Have you tried to use the latest architect installer ( ?

And 8 GB for / (root) is insufficient.

Will try it and post back.

Well I am only trying this out. I won't run any applications withing the VM other than the ones that is installed alongside the OS. So I thought it would be enough to just startup my VM and have a look and feel. If you say it is not enough either way then i will increase the size.

Out of curiosity, did you reboot your system to see if the installation of the grub was successful after this step and it effectively booted up the system?

Yes mate. I wanted and hoped for it to work. :sweat_smile:

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