Manjaro Architect Installation "no such file or directory"


I was about to test Manjaro Architect installation in a virtualbox VM. When I start up and boot from the ISO and the installer gets to the point where to choose “Prepare the installation” I get a bunch of error messages for cat commands. They all look like this:
cat /usr/share/manjaro-architect/profiles/*/[different subdirs] no such file or directory

At this point I am able to ignore this and can prepare the system, but when it comes to choosing your software in the Desktop section the installer just exists and spits out another cut /usr/share/… no such file or directory error.

I tried this with the architect ISO “manjaro-architect-20.0.3-200607-linux56.iso” and with the architect installation started from the ISO “manjaro-xfce-20.1.1-201001-linux58.iso”. I did verify the signatures of the ISOs.

Anyone an idea what’s going on?


Yes I’m having the same trouble.

It seems gitlab manjaro org is the problem. It is giving me a 502 error, both through my main modem and through a 4G mobile network.

The manjaro-architect-20.0.3-200607-linux56.iso is fine. I installed from it last week. I also checked the sha1 code is correct.

As far as I have found out, the gitlab manjaro site updates manjaro-architect. But with it down, architect doesn’t seem to be able to get the profiles it needs.

I wonder if anyone can let us know what the current problem is with gitlab manjaro org site? And if it is going to be fixed soon?

cheers Rob

Looking at the manjaro-architect scripts, I’ve found a workaround that bypasses the Gitlab profiles and uses the package profiles.

If you need wifi, set that up first in the command line with ncurses text network manager:


Then write these commands before executing architect:

sudo pacman -Sy
sudo pacman -S manjaro-iso-profiles-base
sudo mkdir /usr/share/manjaro-architect/profiles
sudo cp -R /usr/share/manjaro-tools/iso-profiles/* /usr/share/manjaro-architect/profiles/

I found this facilitated downloading and installing of all the packages I needed.

Hope this helps someone

gitlab manjaro back up, so architect should be working again.

Can confirm it is working again. Thx for the info