Manjaro Architect error during install

Hi I'm trying to install Manjaro using Architect. I'm getting the follow errors.
Selected to install gnome desktop.

Any help is appreciated thanks!

Did you follow through all the steps before installing GNOME desktop? (Architect arranges installation in a neat order)

And did you try to install GNOME Full or Minimal?

The package manjaro-gdm-tweak is very new and at the moment only available in the unstable repo. It was added yesterday to the gnome "Packages-Desktop" list.

I ended up using the testing iso to install instead. Thanks for the help guys.

@Ste74, if you add entirely new package to manjaro-architect branch, you should also push it to the stable repos. Otherwise stable gnome profile can't be installed with manjaro-architect before the next snap from testing to stable.

Ops.. You are right i forgot m-a grab from any branch if User want... If nobody adjust i do it now..

EDIT: done


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