Manjaro architect: cli-install not working

Hi there
I might have found a bug.
I've tried to install manjaro cli 4 times now. Everytime I end up with an unbootable system.
I restart the pc and northing happens, the screen says "attempting to boot from hdd" with a blinking cursor beneath.
Installation seemed to be fine, but I think I saw an error message when installing boot loader. But it got too fast to make a screenshot or so.

I'm trying in virtualbox later again.
Maybe somebody else also can test?


Did you use the Architect Installer ISO, or did you do a cli install from one of the main Manjaro iso's? There's been some trouble with the Architect ISO, which I'm not sure been fixed yet. Check the CLI guide thread for details.

If you can get hold of that error message, it would be great. Without it, it would be almost impossible for anyone to help.

Also check that the bios/uefi is set up right, of course.

Is your installation on an actual machine, or is it in virtualbox? If you follow the guide for EFI install, you'll also have to set up the Virtual MAchine to use EFI.

Well, yeah, if the bootloader wasn't installed, booting is going to be a problem.

Keep in mind, manjaro architect is targeted at more experienced users who want a high-degree of control. It will let you do things wrong. I would try it again and if you get another bootloader error, take a look at the m-a log file and post the error here.

I used MA-cli installation.
I am on bare metal, older PC with BIOS (not uefi).
Yes I'll try to get the error message.
I thought Manjaro-cli would come up after reboot like arch Linux.
I wanted to try to install and configure spectrwm.

Try to use one of the official Manjaro ISO's (meaning the common full manjaro install iso's, not the architect iso) next time.
From the booted live Majaro: CtrlAltF4

But from the sound of it, I'd double and triple check you've followed the instructions with regards to bios/efi.

You can just run it from a terminal, there is no need to go to a tty.

That being said, I am not sure that the issues that were being reported prior are anything like what is being reported here.

Just tried to install i3 minimal with MA.
Same result, nothing happens.
Maybe the hdd is broken. Just running a check. (we're talking here of about 10 years, for hdd and for PC.)
I'll investigate that further.

I agree, but it would at least make sure he will avoid those problems, if they are not fixed yet.

As far as I know, those problems were with the packaging of architect, not the ISO. Since architect updates itself before it runs, I am not sure it would matter much.

The Architect standalone iso I used back in january had problems, I had to use one of the full Manjaro install iso's to do a cli install. If the Architect iso has been updated since then, it should be unproblematic to use it.

The current architect ISO is from April 26th.

Update: tried installing with MA from within manjaro i3 - same behaviour. Pc doesn't start.
Double checked booting settings this time and waited 5 minutes.
I'll try to install manjaro i3 now with calamares, if that does work, then there really might be something wrong MA

and what did you find in the m-a logs?

Is this a CLI install issue, or an Architect install issue?
The thread title said CLI, so I'm assuming that. But I'm not so sure.

To clear up, are you installing with this method:

...or are you installing with the Manjaro Architect, as it will guide you through the process by its own installation method?

There is a major difference, which may lead us to talking beyond each other here.

Yes, sorry my title is missleading.
I am using MA to install a cli system.
So MA is leading me through the installtion. I am not (as in your quoted post) making an "arch-way-install".

Since it just worked when installing Manjaro i3 via Calameres, it is not a hardware-failure on my side.

I think it has to do with MBR vs GPT. -
I'll try using a GPT partition table with MA and see if it works.

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Just throwing this out there, but instead of trying random things until you find one that works, you could look in the log and see why it failed to install the bootloader.

Now we're on a level field and we're talking the same language!
This seems to be bios/uefi related to me, I think you're on the right path with the mbr/gpt

The Manjaro Architect is more similar to stuff like ArcoLinux and ArchLabs linux (or was it Anarchy Linux, I get confused sometimes). The Manjaro CLI install guide is basically the same way you install Arch, as in the officially Arch supported method of installation.

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Might be a good idea, but some of us like to keep stuff as logs, manuals and manpages as the absolute last resort! Frantic googling and trial and error is much preferred!

I've installed Manajro the CLI way more times than I care to admit, but I've got just a vague idea about logs. Where to find the ■■■■■■■ ? Who friggin' knows! Aren't they just rows upon rows of gibberish? Maybe I should look into them at this point.

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At the end of installation, manjaro-architect asks if you want to save the log. That is where it tells you where it puts it.

I prefer the CLI for customized installs. You just write what you want, and that is what you get. Never had a need for looking at the log, but I guess I'll have to look into them sooner or later. Can't mess around with Linux without knowing your logs!

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