Manjaro-architect 0.8


updated profiles packages are now on testing branch and will be included in the next stable update very soon.


Ah thank you! I tried using the development profiles and it worked (:


Next release coming soon, with bug fixes and some new features (better custom package installation, cleaner interface, chroot into your installation).

Also, I think I found a way to implement refind option more easily. Need to test it first though.


Success! I created a function that should work to install refind.

Current limitations:

  • no support for lvm, luks or btrfs subvolumes (to be added)
  • no support for intel microcode (not feasible to add with this method and potential for multiple kernels)

It also detects if the target drive is removable and installs drivers accordingly.

This is using refinds automatic kernel detection.

EDIT: added support for btrfs subvolumes, lvm and encryption. Caveat emptor, no idea if it works.


I’m excited to use it once you have it released!


Good news, wasn’t sure if it was still being actively developed.

Looking forward to giving it a run.


For someone wanting to install refind manually, just run

   refind-install --root /mnt 

and replace parameter ro with rw in /mnt/boot/refind_linux.conf. That is if you don’t have anything fancy like btrfs subvolumes, lvm or encryption.


It has been a bit on and off. I accidentally stumbled upon --root option, which made scripting the thing easier.


Opinions: If user has installed on btrfs subvolumes and has chosen grub, should he automatically get grub-btrfs, or only be offered a choice for it?


I haven’t tried grub-btrfs. If it is unlikely to cause confusion if a user forgets which subvolume (s)he booted, then it is ok to install as default. I also don’t know if it future proof.


It adds separate submenu at the bottom of normal grubmenu, where there are entries for booting subvolumes. They are clearly marked, user should not be suprised if he uses them.


Then only the question if the normal method of restoring Grub works with it? If a user installs Ubuntu and cannot boot Manjaro anymore. If not, we need a tutorial.


Yes, I don’t see why it would not. It does not touch the normal parts of grub-mkconfig, just adds another script after it.


It seems it just adds this file to /etc/grub.d/.
This is a very good solution, much better than a *-customizer I don’t want to mention the name of.


I troubleshot the btrfs subvolumes part of refind. I think I got it working now. Also, I might get also microcode part working if I’m lucky. Encryption/lvm not tested, but should work.


Option for refind is now online in git repo. Tested with plain ext4 root and with btrfs subvolume root. Testing next with encryption. @sueridgepipe, You wanna try this?


Okay, does not work with encryption. Or btrfs subvolumes. Need to work further with this some day.


Okay, I removed my attempt at using microcode, and now btfs subvolumes work. I also noticed that setting up encryption will be a bit more difficult with refind, but still doable.


Does anyone know a good way to get (part)uuid of a cryptdevice in a script?


We had this discussion with @excalibur1234 in the old forum in a topic about pacli or mhwd-chroot…