Manjaro/Arch Server for production?

Just curious. In which scenarios would it be useful to use an rolling release instead of debian, slackware or redhat based systems like ubuntu, opensuse, centos … ?

I am trying to convince my server provider to add archlinux to his vps list. What could i say?

You might want to check the origin of Ubuntu and openSUSE.

I think there is no reason for a SP to add something like Arch. It will just result in more service calls/texts/mails form customers. However the benefit would be that more private Linux enthusiasts might buy such a VPS. But I don’t think it is a big market.

Aber gerade in Deutschland gibt es mehrere gute VPS Anbieter die auch Arch Images haben oder dir sogar erlauben jede Distro zu installieren. Vielleicht wird es Zeit den Provider zu wechseln.


I would use Kubernetes for production these days. Containerization is just the way to go. But if you insist, I don’t think you will have any significant advantage, if any, over Debian/Ubuntu/anything else that already has their foot in the server market.

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They don’t allow you to upload your own iso file?

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No, i can only use predefined ones. But it a local hoster in my area, so not a big company.

I am not familiar with Kubernetes, but must be something like github and gitlab does with CI/CD. There are also container in use.

It’s closer to docker, in fact it’s built on top of docker. Basically is a very supportive system for microservice architecture. So each of your service can be in its own container and each can be scaled individually, minimizing to diminishing downtime. You also don’t need to worry about OS updates, it’s the same mechanism as regular container update, meaning 0 downtime, no such a thing as physical reboot.