Manjaro\Arch freezing issue

I am having issues with Manjaro\Arch freezing on me after 10-45 minutes of use, seemingly at random. This freeze is a complete system lock up, no mouse, no keyboard, and can’t end processes with any keyboard shortcuts. I am on kernel version 5.15.50-1-MANJARO. Hardware is a 3700X and a RX6800. I have tried changing the Idle Power to Typical in my bios from Low, which I read can help some people. I have also tried EndevourOS, another Arch distro, and got the exact same freeze there. I swapped back to Windows and ran hardware tests, Prime 95, TM5, and Linpack, each for 60 minutes with no issues. My next step is going to be switching to a Debian or Ubuntu OS to see if that resolves the issue if I can’t figure this out. Can anyone point me in a good direction?

did you switch kernels?
try a live usb of linux mint for at least 1 hour, and see if it freezes also…

I have not explicitly switched kernels unless EndevourOS and Manjaro are on different kernels by default. To test I would leave a long YouTube video playing and come back after an hour or so to find the system locked completely. In those situations I would also try different browsers, Firefox and Chromium in this case, both having the same issue. Switching to Mint completely was going to be my next plan, as it is what I am most familiar with.

I have just found something about enabling amd-ucode support, which can help some people I am looking into that currently.

so switch kernels, try with the 5.18 and the 5.10
provide logs:
journalctl -b0 -p4 --no-pager

I will do that next. I just think I figured out how to enable amd-ucode support, which seems to be pretty simple with GRUB. I am going to test this before I try something else. Thank you!

In a normal installation the micro codes are already installed and loaded.

Do you by any chance enabled XMP profile for your RAM in your BIOS? Don’t forget that this is overclocking profiles, loading them SHOULD be OK, but in some instances with specific hardware it is not. IF you have loaded XMP profiles, unload them, run your ram at default speed, and see if that makes a difference, then if this is it you can re apply XMP profile by tweaking some values but first things first, find the culprit.

I switched to the 5.18.0_RT47-1 kernel from 5.15.50-1 and my crashing issues seem to have been resolved. I can leave the computer sitting idle for hours now and it is not locked up when I get back to it. Thanks!

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