Manjaro application launcher doesn't auto hide after losing focus

Basically it’s like title said. I use KDE Plasma and option in taskbar setting is set to auto hide. When I press super key to open widget “Application launcher” it opens right, however when I unfocus this menu by clicking to other window/place it’s stays open, in comparison other similar widgets like “Application Menu” works as I want it to work - meaning it closes. I really want to use exactly this widget so i need to know is it bug and is there any workaround for it to work like I want it to.

Many widgets have a pin-like button in their top-right corner when they are on the panel. If this pin is pressed, then it’ll hold open the widget after it loses focus.

Check whether your launcher has such a pin and whether it is pressed. If it is, then just unpin it again and then the widget should disappear again after losing focus.

I found none

You need to open the launcher to see the pin being discussed:



‘Keep Open’ is more of a ‘sticky’ button - meaning you can show or hide it with the menu key. Unchecking ‘keep open’ means it will auto-hide on lose focus.


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