Manjaro and accessibility

I am a 14 year old blind arch linux user.
I am currently running jenux, a linux distribution based on arch and made specifically for the blind.
In this thread i want to talk about accessibility in manjaro.
Would it be possible to include orca in the mate comunity release?
I would love to use manjaro as my daily driver, but well, orca isn't there, whitch means i would need to ask my family, whitch isn't that happy about helping me in the computer related things, so having orca would be a blessing.
I am also planning to make an accessible manjaro spin off, like sonar was a few years back.
I already created a source forge page for it, started a manjaro vm in vagrant to build the iso, and now upgrading it because it's from like 2017, so a little bit of packages need to beupgraded.
What do you thing, is it a good idea to create something like that?


Welcome to Manjaro!
The package orca already exists in the extra repository. Not sure if could be included by default and what would need to be tweaked in order to give the proper experience. From what i read about it, i think the best Desktop Environment for it is Gnome.
If you have the skills to build a spin, kudos, and i'm 100% sure that Manjaro team and community members that also did some spins based on Manjaro will help you out somehow.

Someone please revive Sonar GNU/Linux!

Adding orca to mate seems feasible to implement. Some kind of sonar revival might be in order.

@Ste74 is this something that is feasible in the main mate edition, or should we have separate accessible edition?

I have some request also for the gnome edition... The main problem Is calamares , our installer framework .. at the Moment not work with orca for problems with the Qt engine .. i Hope in the future this can work.. some issue are Is opened at calamares Github repo..

I know about issues with calamares, and that's what i am thinking about too.
I dont know if it would be possible, but changing the installer in some accessible spin of, like the one i am making would be an idea.
Also i have a problem with making the iso, some packages cant be found, for example mate-menu and xf86-keyboard xf86-mouse

You i want re build a sonar profile or what you have in mind? What Is the installer you want use ?

Basically i would like to change the installer in my fork of manjaro that i am making.
I didn't yet dropped it ant where, i am dooing stuff locally now.
And i also tried rebuilding sonar, but i guess i did it a wronk way.
Wil try again

Might be worth looking at


I know about talking arch, i have tried it before on my mac but the wireles drivers were missing

What use as installer? The K.I.S.S. way of arch so a cli installer? If yes we have architect and we have only to enable orca to work.. if is a deploy method with a offline installer this can be more complicated .. In the past we use THUS as installer and with this Orca work but some years ago we have dropped Thus

@ManjaroTeam Quick, get @stasp set up as a dev!

I have helped sonar guys when the project was up.. only when we switched into calamares we have maintained for a time also thus for sonar guys but then the developer of sonar lost the interest for Manjaro.. also because manjaro are rolling and not ever this is the right choice when an API change and Orca stop to work..

@ Orajnam I dont thing it would be a good idea.
I am just a random blind teen that loves linux, and i dont even know how to code properly.
If i would want to be a part of a manjaro team, i would, for sure, firstly need to learn alot of stuff.

Ok, made some progress with Maccess, that's a name of my distro.
Orca is now starting, but as a applicattion in user's .profile because i dont know if it for example could be starteed as a systemd service.
But, here's the catch.
My ocr told me i am in orca preferences, but in the virtual mahine i didn't hear screenreader on, ETC.
Do i need to foe example enable espeak as a systemd service foe that to work, or do i need to change something in orca preferences?
I also tried espeakup, i didn't hear any standart kernel messages at startup, so i dont know too if something is wrong with espeak or espeakup and speakup

Coding is not necessarily a prequisite for distro maintenance. While joining the team might not be something in the immediate future, having your perspective to help getting accessibility right would be great.

@stasp is accettable as temporary workaround have orca support After install? You install whitout support but when you access in your installed System there Is ready?

I wonder if you might be able to seek funding from a non-statutary body, such as a charity or foundation or other source to support your development of your distro?
I am not an expert in either software development nor accessibility technologies but it may be a way to achieve your brilliant aspiration.

What i just did is includet orca in my mate image, for people to just start the system, press alt+f2, type in orca -s or just orca, and go install theyr system.
Architect isn't fully accessible, but definitevly dooable and fun.
As of support from foundations ant other such companies, i dont know, because i never actually digged in to that stuff.
I just started the distro for my self to be able to install manjaro because i missed sonar, i didn't used it when it was up because i was like 12 years old, and my linux knowledge wasn't big at this time. Someone waned to convince me, but when i tried on a vm and heard nothing, i gave up.
I just didn't know how briliand linux is back then, and well. Now that i know, sonar and antergos died.
So when i noticed sonar iso profiles, i started to play with that stuff.
Then i downloaded official profiles from manjaro-tools and started playing.
Now i have two isos available on my sourceforge page, but i wil mostly be only supporting the mate image now, as its just better for me.
The support would be great though, not only the money one, but the general developmend support, like making qt-at-spi work with calamares (i dont thing its an qt only error though because root running apps are generally not accessible on arch, dont know why), making orca autostart, ETC.
Also, people over from manjaro team, you could include orca in mate and gnome images that you build, if it wouldn't be a fully supported image, and by this i mean not accessible calamares, it stil would support architect, and i would use it.

The best reward for a person of your age is that you found a great hobby which is also good for your education and success at school. When I was young I was always envious of my friends who knew so much more about computers than I. Later I wanted to study computer science but the learning curve was too steep without enough prior knowledge.

I think you chose a good path with Manjaro. It is based on Arch, the Arch Wiki is very well written, short, only necessary things. But you might want to try out other Arch based distros, especially those with different installers than Calamares. Those should be similar to manjaro-architect installer but might work better for you. If you find such an installer you can contact @Chrysostomus who might have a look at its design and implement the changes if feasible.
But probably it is a general issue with Ncurses as you wrote. Anyway here is the list of Arch based distros with a custom installer:

Obarun -
ArchLabs -
Anarchy Linux -
ArchStrike -

Another thing you can take a look at is this tutorial
[How to] Install Manjaro using CLI only

I would even guess that all what is correct about command line install being too difficult for new users isn't necessarily correct for blind users, when the instructions are well written.

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