Manjaro anaconda application

i go to konsole and type anaconda-navigator there’s nothing to show or found.
there nothing in the search bar of task manager too.
what should i do?
i download the anaconda on AUR the full size is 3.3gb.

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Anaconda Navigator is a desktop graphical user interface (GUI) included in Anaconda® distribution…

Isn’t it included in the anaconda package?

See all files installed by anaconda:

pamac list -f anaconda


pacman -Ql anaconda

If you only want to narrow the results, you can use grep. For example, the following will list the included binaries in /usr/bin/:

pamac list -f anaconda | grep /usr/bin/


pacman -Ql anaconda | grep /usr/bin/

Assuming that you have set up anaconda and initiated it, you need to run anaconda-navigator from terminal. If that doesn’t work and Anaconda spills our an error regarding DISTRO = NAME then you need to update anaconda navigator, this has happened to me. My issue was resolved by conda install anaconda-navigator

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If you Wont solve this problem refer to this video.
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The conda update anaconda-navigator shown in the Youtube video fixed the UnboundLocalError